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  • Avatar für ticklishgio
    Wierd how some files have a side A side B for the G7 7". I actually have the file with the 3 seperate songs from it.
  • Avatar für animicantus
    does anyone know where I can get the tracks?
  • Avatar für zuh_desperado
    that is what i was looking for!
  • Avatar für scottDFL
    f it...we'll do a world tour. people seem to like us a lot more out yr ways anyway!
  • Avatar für knivesoutbaby
    my old band would get back together if only we could play with you dudes but the geography of the world is holding us back
  • Avatar für scottDFL
    also if there are any real "screamo" bands out there that would want to play one of the reunions be in touch...
  • Avatar für scottDFL
    hey, this is actually scott (vocals/bass) from dot flash line...thank you all for still listening after all these years. fyi...we put out our first demo, on cassette and then did a cd copy for easter that was eventually called "the easter demo." We also put together a 7" for MSD/KMO records called the G7 ep. I don't know how to get either anymore honestly..that's pretty much why i'm on here, i'm trying to download the tracks! But anyways, we are going to be doing a ten year reunion in Boston/NYC and maybe some more spots around May of 2012. If you want more info Faceboook me...Scott Jones and i'll let you know...anyways, thanks again for still listening.
  • Avatar für FilupLees
    "form a sound, that can not be labled as one given genre of music." Every single tag in the top 5 has "emo" in it somewhere.
  • Avatar für alex_lol
  • Avatar für BlueBurns0range
    This is great! I love it!

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