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Don McLean

Vincent (4:01)


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  • "But I could have told you, Vincent. This world was never meant for one as beautiful as you." ♥
  • A classic about another classic.
  • I'm a bit too cynical to believe he deserved a song so beautiful...
  • Although I personally most appreciate the artistic works of Munch , from what I know of van Gogh the Master , and from what I hear via Mr McLean's own masterpiece (as an opinion) , the absolute beauty of this creation leaves be breathless ... Real world claws of velvet rending my heart ... Palpable rapture . Somewhere I do believe that "Vincent" recognizes the gladdening voice of true praise , and it is beautiful .
  • i dont think i can add a thing too whats been said by all of you
  • Great song he has another song called Winterwood, beautiful song for Christmas.
  • I have a ashtray that looks like a ear...sorry folks.
  • I dare you not to cry.
  • Love the words - wonderful tribute.
  • Dutch. Amos Punk
  • A YouTube comment once said it best: One artist taking his hat off in tribute to another. I've heard Czech and Italian versions of this song, does anyone know of any other languages this song has been sung in?
  • Lovely ballad.
  • Beautiful song.
  • One of the best songs I've ever heard.
  • Magnífica
  • this song is one of the saddest songs ive ever heard, uuugh. (i love it so much tho dhehd).<3
  • Memories of High School. Someone always pulled this album out to play at a party. ( :
  • This is a lovely track!
  • beautiful song
  • what a song !
  • this is so honest (and amazing)
  • Always loved this one... no one write ballads like this anymore, what a shame.
  • *sigh*
  • wonderful! wonderful!! so lovely =)
  • strong stuff... this always makes me cry...
  • A masterpiece to compliment the master, ear ear !!!!
  • What a song. Brilliant
  • His best song tbh. Van Gogh must be proud. [3]
  • Hijau adalah warna, hijau apabila bunga mekar di Sepanyol.
  • As beautiful now as the first time I listened to it many years ago.
  • Van Gogh must be proud. [2] Every line in this song is beautiful.
  • It makes me cry, so beautiful
  • Van Gogh must be proud. I'm sure this song become the sountrack when he paint at heaven
  • Great Song! timeless :)
  • ur schöööön
  • So sad and so beautiful!
  • Super !
  • Simply beautiful...(:
  • Beautiful
  • Beautiful song
  • Van Goch
  • Beautiful song.
  • *sob*
  • Amazing
  • Such a gorgeous song, and he took his own advice by effectively exiting from the musical scene after a few incredible albums. Has anybody ever heard Genesis, the only other song he lyrically equally the incredible power of American Pie and Vincent?
  • Ooooooh sooooo nice
  • Wonderful song!!!!!!!
  • lovely
  • Sooooo wonderful.............


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