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  • Thanks.
  • LOVE IT!
  • the same song as "slow jam" by Four Tet? Love them both though
  • thx god they still use shitty songs in commercials in France
  • fascinating soundscapes
  • no matter cadillac or skoda, good music stays good music
  • i hate when they use a really good song for commercials. artist such as melpo mene, ingrid michaelson, or worse yet, since juno, everyone happens to be a fan of kimya dawnson.
  • i never heard it on a Cadillac commercial, still good for me :]
  • Been listening this tune for months. Love it...
  • I love this song, but ever since they used it in that commercial, that's what comes to mind. How irritating!
  • Me too : )
  • Me too : (
  • you did. =[
  • I think I just heard this on a cadillac commecial?
  • I Love This Song


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