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Spiritual Black Dimensions
Dimmu Borgir

Spiritual Black Dimensions


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  • Even after 16 years,I can't do anything with this album. The synths are mixed too loud, the guitar and drum sound sounds like shit and the song writing is simply boring. After Enthronded Darkness triumphant this album was just a big disappointment.
  • Awesome use of keyboards in this album \\m/
  • Compression is so bad that it can be even heard as pumping volume levels. But the music is also boring as hell, which makes this fact not so sad - one may simply put the record into trashbox without regrets...
  • their best album
  • Very atmospheric.
  • Dreamside Dominions \m/
  • This is an fantastic album but did it have to recorded so loud?.
  • The best album of them! [2]
  • The best album of them! ♥
  • Vortex's vocals are so epic, evilized, and theatrical
  • fantastic Album
  • My favourite album along with EDT.
  • this is the only one DB release which I truly love and listen from first to last song in one listening. magnificent album.
  • The combination of Vortex, the eerie soundscape and Shagrath makes perfect ♥
  • I love all the grand piano clanking on this album so much, its almost got a rag time feel to it, as if its out of a old black and white movie.
  • Never would've thought that black metal can be this HUGE! Pure beauty.
  • Orgasmic album! They used their synths and symphonic elements so much better back then! I miss it.
  • So underrated. Its basically the more amazing version of Enthrone Darkness Triumphant.
  • Underrated album. Not their best maybe, but still better than In Sorte Diaboli - not so boring at least.
  • Illidan-Album!! :D fantastic Album
  • This album is an absolute masterpiece
  • Its Vortex!
  • Great work of mustiis... i am not so much into symphponic bm, but this is awesome.
  • Cl_Cl_ : It's not a scrobbling problem, the track is called ''Behind The Curtains Of Night - PhantasmAgoria''.
  • Best album |m| !!! Mustis rules in this album
  • there's a scrobbling problem with the 2nd track, only 1142 listeners !
  • I didn´t hear it for years and it´s almost shocking how good it still is. DB is now a lost band but this one is a true masterpiece of dark epic metal.
  • DImmu´s greatest and darkest opus.
  • the cover reminds me in jenova from final fantasy 7 [2]...yeah, true... but anyway, great album, maybe my fav by dimmu after EDT
  • hypocrisy!
  • my favourite DM album... Behind the Curtains, Arcane.. are the one of the best DM tracks!
  • Their best album in my opinion!
  • Their last decent album.
  • Best album ever
  • Reptile is their best.
  • underrated.
  • I do not agree with anyone who has said that this album is not underrated.
  • the cover reminds me in jenova from final fantasy 7
  • I agree with everybody who has said that this album is underrated.
  • Dreamside Dominions <3
  • It's so tempting to tag this as progressive black metal, can anyone think of a reason why not?
  • this album is pure eargasm!!!!
  • Reptile is a great track.
  • arcane lifeforce mysteria ! rawr
  • each dimmu album is a piece of art, but this is the one i think people get the least. yet myself i find its sound the most absorbing and for my ears it is original in a way i dont think any other album will come close too. "The Insight and the Catharsis" is the best song i have ever heard, the lyrics for that song and this album are intense too. If you dont like this album give it another try, it is good once you understand the mood the album sets.
  • On aggregate, this probably Dimmu's strongest album. There isn't a single bad song on it - no filler, no wasted space, no fat. It suffers a bit in not having any standout hits on it, and the production is probably their most "pop", but I guarantee you, give it time to sink in, and you will realize what a gem it is. It took me a while, but for years now this has been my favorite Dimmu album, and probably the only one I can easily play from start to end.
  • Simen saves this album
  • This is where the band went to shit. The only album worth looking at released after Enthrone Darkness Triumphant is the re-recording of Stormblåst.
  • This album is somehow nice, but definitely not one of Dimmu's best...
  • Their first sub-par album, and marked the beginning of their descent. There are some good songs on here, but it just can't compare to Enthrone.


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