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  • Well I guess the discography is polarising. I think this is their best album out of the top 4 on the fornt page, and think DCA is pretty average tbh
  • This album is amazing.
  • Their best album, period!
  • Compared with their early stuff, is weak as hell. Talking about the last ten years, it is worthy. Nothing like flawless but it's a good effort for a band that long time ago lost shape.
  • Underrated album, I personally enjoy this one a lot !
  • I think this is their worst album [2].
  • I think this is their worst album.
  • HellHammer is a real beast
  • I wish the next album to be more like this... this is the dimmu I like. Here is when I fell in love with them
  • In this album interconnected very atmospheric and production. ..this area is a factor of both contact and the separation factor for the ancestors metallic black. they are connected in that they both project an air of disbelief - that the hallmark of the atmosphere is the feeling that it is only through owning a copy of this album which have sinned against god.... however, it deviates here for, and, while mineral traditional black is 'cooler',... this album has a little more playful, ...still formal approach so far - to invite more images from ritual satanic laVeyan of demons feasting on human flesh. expected difficult to classify which contain elements of black metal alike, and minerals symphony. but the real mystery is the smell of a cross from the brutality of death metal - is not strong or publicly, but there is..... good production grandfather....
  • The Heretic Hammer is the best fuckin song on this album
  • It might not be EDT or SBD, but I still really enjoy this album.
  • Diabolic album masterpiece!!!!
  • Best album by Dimmu Borgir is Stormblast, then For All Tid. If you disagree... then you are entitled to your own opinions and I'm cool with that too.
  • good album
  • I like the song with the word "The"
  • Great album.
  • like this album, and i don't give a fuck. The Sacrilegious Scorn is my second favorite song at all.
  • Fairly good album, don't get why people don't like it [2] Because they want trve kvlt norweigan black metal.
  • Horrible album, by the way... easily their worst.
  • The, The, The, The, The, The, The, The, The.
  • kvlt
  • Favourite Dimmu album ..along with EDT of corse !
  • Fairly good album, don't get why people don't like it
  • Such a good record. DB!
  • badass concept album, satanic as fuck, w/o being preachy. i love it
  • best album
  • Awesome album !
  • I've given this album a 2nd chance after 3 years. I think it's better then I thought when it first came out but it can't compare to anything before it, really looking forward to Abrahadabra.
  • This album is good.But the best album is Puritanical Euphoric Misanthropia
  • Great album!!...
  • True the Best
  • best album ² [1]
  • the album begins really great, but it becomes boring in the mid-last songs IMO... I prefer PEM o DCA
  • best album  ²
  • vortex sucked [2] good thing he got fired
  • [Note to self] Don't buy the next Dimmu Borgir album or anything else from them ever again. This album is just horrendous.
  • I gave this album more than one chance, in fact I listened quite a lot. But, the result is that all these The Adjective Noun songs suck, except for maybe sacrilegious scorn which is ok but gets ruined by the whisper part.
  • One of the worst albums easily, funnily enough most people that love this album also love the recent Children of Bodom albums and they are god awful.
  • Holy clipping production batman. I know people what their music to be louder and louder, but this is ridiculous. Still, not bad.
  • true misicians
  • why alex? did you live with your grandmother too? is an awesome metal album! don't you think?
  • i hate this album.
  • man! fuck you! haha this "black metal" played by the almighty band of dimmu borgir is really awesom! fantastic! Like i have commented on the band profile, The Chosen Legacy, brings back to my ear, some of the most raw, fast and intense metal in years! i wish they could follow that way, and making this kind of black metal a metal mainstream band! like satyricon and cradle of filth! fucking good! be black metal without being ridiculous! great band!
  • Best album to date.
  • Good album, better than "Death Cult Armageddon" which actually rly sucked, except "Vredesbyrd" song. Im rly waiting for the next album. Btw, this is black metal, just not the "True", but who cares? :) Dimmu Borgir music always, since debut have been much better, than all "true" black metal out there. I love such a bands like Emperor, Gorgoroth, Mayhem, Immortal (actually rly like Immortal), but, even if that all is "True", Dimmu Borgir still made much better and listenable music. You can`t listen all time to music, which is based on astmosphere, right? Dimmu made a melodic, and also a atmospheric sound, they captured many musical genres and put em all into one basic "black metal", that`s why they are one of the most known black metal bands in the world. Dimmu Borgir ftw!
  • Which versions of this have Black Metal as the bonus track? Mine has the Heretic Hammer.
  • EPIIIIIIIIC!!!!!!!!!!!!!1111111111


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