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Big Mess (2:43)

new wave · 80s · pop


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  • Akron... Thanks for birthing this band!
  • i wear a cowboy hat it is my business hat
  • I saw the Oh No tour. Became addicted right there. Then had to go back and realize all the other genius albums they had done. A person could do a PhD thesis on this band, because they are the sh*t. 1959 meets Punk meets 'The Future'. Oh my swelling, itching brain.
  • Peidiwch â crio pan ddaw y glaw!
  • Brilliant song
  • how in the tittingballs of jesus christ did i go a whole year without listening to this song. i am sorry i neglected you.
  • Rush Limbaugh comes to mind.
  • Love Devo. Maybe the first album was a bit over-produced though? Witness the Mongoloid single.
  • I agree with ZodRau too!!
  • I agree, ZodRau!
  • sightly annoys me that Devo is considered a 'one-hit wonder'.
  • This song sounds so's amazing how ahead of their time they were.
  • How could you not at the very least love their originality. I love them full stop, mind you.
  • I got a picture in my pocket of the lucky one who doesn't know I'm a big mess.
  • Me too!!
  • I'm a man with a mission!
  • Gods among men ;)
  • devolution, nice
  • This song rocks.
  • I'm a big mess
  • devo's pretty fucking rad.
  • Love Devo.....I would have to say they were my first exposure to industrial punky music.....Freedom of choice really jumpstarted the junior anarchist in me LOL!!!
  • Yeah, so good.
  • God, this song is the best.

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