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  • C'est trop beau, quelle voix parfaite... <3
  • Maura, where are you? [2]
  • I heard of Denali for the first time thanks to the Rock Against Bush comp. back in 2004. After that I got completely into Denali and The Instinct and then moved on to Ambulette and the other projects around this. Ten years later I find a couple songs of Maura with Ki:Theory (http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Bj3HhA4D5nY, http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C2idF03MeaY) and I'm hooked up again! This was such a great band, truly wish they brought up something new.
  • Maura, where are you ?
  • Years later, and I still think Maura's voice is more perfect and angelic than any other female vocalist. [2] yep yep yep
  • Albums released by Jade Tree in 2002: "Denali" by Denali, "Perfecting Loneliness" by Jets to Brazil, "Visitor" by onelinedrawing, "Control" by Pedro the Lion, "wood/water" by The Promise Ring, "The Emergency Response" by Despistado..."This Was Meant to Hurt You" by These Arms Are Snakes and "So Much Staying Alive and Lovelessness" by Joan of Arc in early '03.
  • Remember when Jade Tree was killin' it? What happened?
  • Hold Your Breath <3 [3]
  • Hello, I saw that we have some influences in common and would like to show my band: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=C5NHZTH_aRA
  • Years later, and I still think Maura's voice is more perfect and angelic than any other female vocalist.
  • Hold Your Breath <3 [2]
  • Hold Your Breath <3
  • I hope they ain't teasing =/ I want them to sign my vinyls.
  • Concert celebrating 10 years of first album release? I want it on DVD.
  • come back maura <3
  • lovely female vocalist
  • <3 underrated
  • <3
  • awesome!
  • yesh.
  • Maura Davis is amazing, one of the best female vocals I've ever heard.[2]
  • <3 maura
  • La voz de Maura es muy dulce, pero melancólica. Me recuerda a Agua de Annique.
  • where is the new music denali? where is it
  • <3 the song called gunner \m/ well i hope you guys will continue making songs and by the way love the synthesizer
  • I've never heard anything like this before.
  • cinali.
  • Pretty much the best female vocalist I've ever heard.[2] also, i keep forgetting about this band. so beautiful. <3
  • ben ali?
  • неплохо - intresting
  • русиш швайне их бин тут...блин надо английский учиь
  • http://www.myspace.com/bertolaeosnoctivagos
  • Pretty much the best female vocalist I've ever heard.
  • a typical coment but... she reminds me PJ, great and strong voice.
  • maurraaaaa
  • good ass band homies
  • Great stuff, do a uk tour with deftones please.
  • Here's hoping for an album out of this reunion. 'Denali' and 'The Instinct' were two powerful, smouldering albums filled with excellent song writing and Davis' voice is a wonderfully expressive and powerful instrument. After the disappointment of Ambulette being buried by 'the business' it would be good to hear them on record again. And they're Virginian — what more could you want?
  • Something needs to come of this reunion
  • New album please!!!
  • New album please!!! (2)
  • how can a voice be so intense?!
  • Is this band really writing new songs? That would be incredible. I could stop playing the glos album on repeat
  • the show last night was incredible.
  • my favorite band, always.... my daughter no born yet, even in mind will gonna have that's name... :) love, love, love...for everyone that makes possible that beautiful noise....and why not? for everyone that hear and keep alive their music from mexico, a hug
  • Denali's back?! Curveball--except the pleasant kind.
  • I can't wait to see them again on June 5th in Philly. Probably one of the few bands that sounds even better live than their recorded albums.
  • waiting in anticipation~ love ur music.
  • New album please!!!


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