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  • I fucking ❤️ this beautiful track one my favourites 💀
  • I love the way the drummer uses the hi-hats. Great song.
  • This bring memories, bad ones. Two friends dead, drug releated deaths. I hope Im not on the same path.
  • This song reminds me the best days of my life...
  • I cannot love this song enough
  • I am so glad I came back to this album after 15 years. Gives me the goosebumps.
  • This song gives me a lady boner!
  • I love it so much when some old song which you used to listen to can make you feel something new. *'cause tonight I feel like more*
  • The drums man, the drums.
  • one of their best songs. one of my favorite songs ever.
  • Beautiful! I love the ambiance of it. Chino's vocals on this track are perfection
  • My favorite Deftones song <3
  • Tonight. I feel like more. Tonight. I... :з
  • "DEEP'
  • So sexy...
  • Keep coming to this, no matter what,
  • <3
  • Yes yes yes love this song
  • I LOVE THIS SONG!!!!, This sooo amazing, the feelingggg
  • I FEEL LIKE MOOOOORE <333 lovelove :D beautiful voice
  • Such amazing and deep song. Also sexy!
  • I agree with Bodysnatcher94.
  • Awesome!To say that I adore this song is to say nothing!
  • The kind of song you will share with your girl. [2]
  • The kind of song you will share with your girl.
  • This song makes me want to go on an adventure. While on some drugs.
  • one of my fav song of all time, i really like this stuff
  • I get shivers.
  • R.I.P Chi
  • his voice is sex...
  • best of Deftones, IMHO.
  • I love Abe's ghost notes on this song. And when Steph strums the strings behind the nut later in the track to make that harsh distorted screech... Perfection.
  • "There should be more songs about electrocuting women in the bath tub." this - hahahaha.
  • growing up to this song. was the best part about being 14
  • tonight
  • This song reminds me of Radiohead, it's so awesome and has a cool dark atmosphere. And this is one of my favourite vocal performances ever, i mean that range in the chorus jeeeezzzz I FEEEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLL LIIIIIIIIKKKKEEEEEE MOOOOOOOOORRREEEEE!
  • fuck chino is so fucking good
  • I agree with radiohedge. White Pony. May be the greatest hard rock/alternative album of all time.
  • Tonight I feel like mbv
  • "I masturbate to this." LOL!!!
  • this will always put me in a calm place.
  • The Best...
  • One of my favorite deftones songs.
  • i feel like more <333
  • deftones have such an awesome sound. this song is incredible


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