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  • nobody really wants to know the future we just want to hear you'll be alright we'll be alright.
  • I saw this band in Philadelphia a few weeks ago. One of the best fucking shows I've ever seen. <3
  • has this band ever played a show in Defiance, Ohio
  • i saw defiance once in this gross little bar and cried the whole time
  • @metaldiscussor no it's the complete opposite
  • is the song "the new world order" really a song about praising god? fuck that bullshit.
  • Share What Ya Got is fucking God-Tier.
  • share what ya got is a bonafide classic and fuck yall who think anything about anything else ever
  • Every time I take a big step up in life with my big boy pants on, you guys always have a song that PERFECTLY captures the mood and the sentiment behind that step. I can't stop listening to "You Are Loved" right now, and I just wanted to let you guys to know that- YOU ARE LOVED!!! So goddamn much! Thanks for the amazing music. <3
  • how did i not know they were touring... ._.
  • i wish these guys were a little more popular. i have never met any1 who listened to these guys, and it sucks cuz i feel like they are really good and have an accessible sound, so more people should listen to them!
  • poets [2]
  • poets
  • dat fantano
  • great!
  • Amazing band
  • >steroid waldo
  • The Calling EP is one of the best releases these guys have ever done. Also, it'd be cool of all of you to vote up a picture in which all six members are featured.
  • Horizon Lines, Volume and Infinity is definitely the best new track off of The Calling EP.
  • waldo-core
  • the new songs are so good
  • I like this band. I also like the two new songs. A lot.
  • FingerWag-core. [2] I'm thinking a decent to light 200000000.
  • FingerWag-core
  • amazing-)
  • what a great find
  • These guys used to just be another band I listened to every now and then, but over the last few months Ive been listening to them almost non-stop. As well as other folk bands. But I think these guys are my favorite.
  • New EP for free download. Check it out if you're into acoustic jams.
  • Defiance, Ohio:
  • all the books I have read just don’t read right, say to save your soul you’ve got to hide yourself inside, or forget about the world that you perceive, no, we are here for such a little while.
  • hey y'all. check it.
  • you are loved!
  • <3 Never gets old.
  • Just realized "Things we say" is actually a Gorilla Biscuits song. Awesome!
  • it's been a bad day, just listened to Jawbreaker, wondered what's wrong with me.
  • <33
  • <3
  • i like this
  • fest set ruled.
  • best shows of 2008 2009 and 2010 were defiance ohio.
  • go to houston, tx :p
  • I dig it!
  • Album review: - Theo Hilton, Toby Foster, & Ryan Woods
  • music!
  • hey check out you may like some of it. all music is free to download! South African Folk Punk
  • Are they ever gonna come to Spain???. Pleeeease. There's plenty of selforganized places to come (not festivals, not Primavera Sound, not ever). Now that rebellion is happening it will be great to hear them here.
  • astrology says it will be fun to forget last year saw them in Asheville last night, fucking awesome. always have love for Defiance
  • i will sing my victory song
  • <3
  • I run a record label called talking helps records, and we are getting ready to release a split record with Toby Foster, Ryan Woods, Theo Hilton(Defiance Ohio, Nana Grizol and Clyde Peterson (You Heart Breaks). You can pre-order it here under the store tab thanks dudes!


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