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  • this song is bae
  • yes yes yes
  • ;;;;;;;;;;;;
  • amazing
  • definitely my favorite song from deerhunter! magic
  • Don't see this ever not being my favorite Deerhunter track.
  • I get a really odd melancholy when listening to this song. the tale of these antagonistic kids just reminds me of the times I pondered away myself. the great wall of sound that aids the crescendo at the end is magnificent!
  • This is probably the best song on this album.
  • 2:24 is the one. Bliss.
  • So great.
  • ;)
  • so happy i found atlas and deerhunter.. still love the song sheila the best
  • great track
  • one of their best!
  • literally.
  • literally.
  • I like how they literally use a chainsaw in this song.
  • the smiths-y riff is so infectious
  • Can't wait!!! Oct. 30th Slims in S.F.
  • Favorite.
  • It's the lyrics that make the song. [2]
  • wow, what a fine noise wall at the end...
  • pretty
  • seeing this band live was one hell of an experience! Bradford is a musical genius.
  • !!HaS a GOOd viBE & PERFECt fOR a LaTENiGHt DRiVE!!
  • The way it just washes away during the climax is simply brilliant.
  • One of my alltime favorite songs.
  • can hardly believe what happens in the second part of the song [2] It's just too fucking good
  • yeh i still love this
  • oh those silly kids
  • can hardly believe what happens in the second part of the song
  • Soothing indded
  • great track
  • Blistering awesomeness.
  • Their best song imo. Microcastle is amazing. theyre due for a breakout
  • listen to this high on a good pair of headphones or stereo system. the wash at the end will feel like a tidal wave.
  • it sounds like the same story from Donnie Darko of the kids burning down the old man's house to act out, or be understood.
  • the change at 2.25 onwards is so lussshhhhh and gorgeous
  • i want disappear into it
  • FINAL FANTASY ELEVEN?!??!?! that still never happened.
  • thanks for the lifestory
  • That made you fucking smile?! Do you know the lyrics beyond the chorus?
  • that never happened
  • this is really nice!!
  • great song
  • ive been listening to deerhunter for about 2 years.I think this is there best song!
  • toooo good
  • Really seductive music, and creepy lyrics too!


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