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Deep Purple

Pictures of Home (5:58)


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  • Exciting track.
  • We are here.
  • I'm alone here...
  • I have this double vinyl record - In DEEP PURPLE VINYL !!! If you want see it ? - gimme a sign,I send you a picture !
  • lord.blackmore. gillan..........maestros
  • dat bass solo
  • Good {understatement}.
  • Deep Purple
  • supa
  • .
  • Glover is one kikk arse bass player! a pioneer!
  • how the fuck did that bass player do that?
  • One of my favorites
  • Paice, Lord and Glover. True Gods of rock
  • Great tune to play with the band!
  • Damn, I love this song
  • woo-hoo ... talk about back in the day! Man this cooks.
  • \m/
  • A+
  • buenazo
  • 挤*.* 挤*.* 水*.*水*.* ഴ*.* ഴ*.* 水*.*水*.* や*.*や*.* મ*.*મ
  • Pictures of HOOooooOOOOOO-OOOOOOmeeeee [2]
  • Tell me I'm not the only one who thinks about Man On The Silver Mountain while reading the lyrics...
  • The classical introduction just fantastic - Jon there wasn't and maybe won't be another one bringing a Hammond to sing like you did & Mr. Paice - you're still my hero on the drums. Less words; just: "DEEP PURPLE" - all said :)
  • Starts off sounding a bit "Lord of the Rings"... then, pow, the hard rock kicks in!
  • Pictures of HOOooooOOOOOO-OOOOOOmeeeee
  • Jesus fucking Christ, that bass solo! [4]
  • Jesus fucking Christ, that bass solo! [3]
  • I love that drum intro! And the keyborad solo is one of my favorites.
  • That`s Deep Purple!There is nothing more to say!!!!
  • This song is full of win. Love it!
  • The pure classic hard rock.
  • The original Symphonic Metal band???????
  • <3<3<3...liking the build-up!...drums..hit it!
  • You know when you fall in love with a song after half a listen? Yeah...
  • Classic Rock never Dies!!!!!
  • Hidden good tune and Gillan loves this song.
  • they were so good live back in the daze. Love Deep Purple.
  • Love Deep Purple.
  • Pure classic hard rock. Purple are so great.
  • wild!
  • Pictures of HOOOOOOMMMMEEEE!!! Keyboard...... bass solo!!!
  • Jesus fucking Christ, that bass solo! [2]
  • Morse kicks ass with DP.
  • ++++++++++++++
  • Jesus fucking Christ, that bass solo!


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