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  • Avatar für ShadowsLambesis
    Dobar je novi album, jos malo da se slegne utisak... Hidea hit! :)
  • Avatar für theexplodedrage
    the new album is amazing !
  • Avatar für mirakodzi
  • Avatar für FallenOverLord
    Young band from Belgrade whose influences range from classic Death Metal to Pendulum with casual and unintentional traditional Balkan echoes that give their music great personality, which they do not lack of. Gun-like loaded with lyrics, don't expect any love song: these guys spent their adolescence in war with people they had nothing against and punished for decisions they never took, still do not expect political lyrics either nor bitching any kind: they can surely make you feel "how", from the core of mutilated innocence, but they won't waste energy digging for the inexplicable "why". Expect energy, anger, honest rage, and no answers. Expect a perfectly engaged set of musicians, experimentation and arrogant professional results no one would imagine obtained with negligible media ("Never try to imagine what we used to record the end of Awakening II", they say). One of these kind of so-close-faraway superb metal bands Western Europe knows nothing about. Yet.
  • Avatar für Abandoned93
    great band :)
  • Avatar für butterflyvic
    Oh wow, cool band! and as always absolutely unknown..:(
  • Avatar für VoivodBG
    trablmejker recenzija koncerta 6.2. trigger, decontrolled, superbutt http://www.trablmejker.com/emisije/3/1625
  • Avatar für Lexonen
    if you want to hear one of the songs, named Hidea, from our forthcoming album "The Circle", please follow link on our official site! http:​/​/​www.​eventgroup.​rs/​decontrolled/​main.​htm
  • Avatar für Lexonen
    awakening pt 2 video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hng5zNzCx2Y
  • Avatar für theexplodedrage
    damn i just found out that they r from Serbia! so know i know 2 awesome bands from there Draconic and Decontrolled

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