• Lyrics Game - Part. 2

    3. Jan. 2009, 14:42 von Anika112

    I've made the second part of this musical game. The rules are very easy. Listen to music, guess what's the song title and artist and finally leave me a comment. And remember that looking for answers in Google is CHEATING!
    So, have a nice game! :)

    3... 2.... 1...
    Let's the game begin!

    1. "Do you think you're made of gold?"
    2. "Across the bar-room floor."
    3. "Come save me from walking off a windowsill."
    4. "Enter Ye in at the strait gate."
    5. "Life's greatest questions have always been: Who am I? Where did I come from? Why am I here?" The Used - Take It Away
    6. "If you dream like I dream right now."
    7. "Communications down."
    8. "I watch the sky turn to paper mache like shapes."
    9. "I will wait until the end."
    10. "I've heard all your whining."
    11. "Hey brother, do you remember when we used to play outdoors til the light was absorbed by the night?"
    12. "Frustration became my life theme."