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  • Avatar für makethemdieslow
    Off-key at about :50 to go... argh!
  • Avatar für Vega132
  • Avatar für makethemdieslow
    I can't hold out to the end of this song with her damn vocals. Ban!
  • Avatar für makethemdieslow
    Her clean vox are drowned out and sound sort of generic. Maybe try some After Forever...
  • Avatar für Oskoreii
    her clean vox are perfect <3
  • Avatar für dapaweu
    stunning female vocal.. like entire song. love it
  • Avatar für m1lh0us3
    fucking epic! \m/
  • Avatar für Antseed
    I can't believe that this song is not rated one of deadlock's best songs. This song blows my mind every time. The perfect blend between the womans voice and the rest of the song is amazing. My favorite part is the end.


these were his last words to a cursed world:
...now let that red sword of virtue stich right through my heart...my blood shall flow to the sinful grounds and may my wounds never bleed dry...
cause this is the blood sent from the heavens and it shall pave the way to solution... blood drips from your hands and you will never wash them clean...
blood always cries for blood...the blood of the innocent screams for yours... heaven now cries with tears that are flowing forth like a stream and

Songtext für DeadLock - 10,000 Generations in Blood



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