• My take on Spotify's Dave Matthews Band live series playlists.

    7. Sep. 2012, 0:01 von Agent0016

    Spotify recently posted playlists of Dave Matthews Band's albums where all the songs were officially released live tracks. Being the huge DMB fan that I am, I was intrigued by this news. However, when something like this is released it always leaves things open for debate. The following is my contribution to this debate, with quick notes on my picks song by song, album by album. I limited my picks to all officially released live recordings by Dave Matthews Band, including the Warehouse fan club releases, and tracks released on pre-order bonus discs released through DMB's website, since it appears Spotify has done the same. Also, some of the playlists are missing songs from the album due to the fact that there's no officially released live version of those songs.

    Remember Two Things

    Remember Two Things is a unique case for this series. Ants Marching, Tripping Billies, and Satellite appear on later albums, which I feel is a good opportunity to highlight some earlier versions of those songs on this collection.
  • five big

    18. Sep. 2007, 7:15 von Kiminy

    Reached 5,000 tracks today.
    Dave Matthews Band - The Stone
  • Follow that meme!

    16. Mär. 2007, 18:48 von DudeTheMath

    So bamgrrl seems to have mutated an existing meme to get this one, and I've decided to help propagate it.

    Simply, you listen to a specific friend's station, note the first ten songs, and comment on them. Seems pretty easy, so here goes. Since it's her meme, I think I'll start with bamgrrl.

    1. American Life: Madonna was part of the soundtrack of other people's lives when I was in high school. I just don't enjoy her music, just like I haven't enjoyed Gwen Stefani's since she left No Doubt.

    2. Desired Constellation: I have medùlla and I quite enjoy it. The many ways she puts the human voice (both hers and the backing choir's) to work is astounding. I recently got to hear a Swedish a cappella group, Voces Nordicae, live, and they used many of the same techniques. It was very exciting. I've been thinking of picking up her live boxed set; let's see how much birthday money I get!

    3. Run for Your Life: A scarily misogynistic track from the Fab Four. I'd rather listen to Can't Stand Losing You; it's funnier, at least. …
  • Dave Matthews Band - The Best of What's Around (Volume 1.) Review

    26. Nov. 2006, 13:30 von Najmi

    Dave Matthews Band has reached that point in its career where the members can say they have two different fan bases. There are those fans that love the early material, almost to the point of worship, but claim in recent years the band is a shadow of its former self. Then there are those that still stand by the band and argue their recent work is just as good ,if not better, than the older material. The former group probably has the stronger position. The last genuinely great DMB album was Before These Crowded Streets. The album was filled with a wide variety of musical styles, an eclectic mix of instruments, and some of the most impassioned singing in Dave Matthews career. The subsequent Everyday was good, but ultimately a poppy let down from its predecessor, and the next two albums were flat out weak. Their most recent 2005’s Stand Up being one of the worse albums of the year. This makes the release of Dave Matthews Band first best of compilation, The Best of What’s Around (Volume 1. …
  • Quiz

    23. Sep. 2006, 20:30 von mm83

    1. Will I get far in life?
    Song: Silver Bullets
    Comment: Well, this is getting off to a good start... I'm gonna kill myself!

    2. How do my friends see me?
    Song: Strange Condition
    Comment: I am a little crazy... but aren't we all?

    3. Where will I get married?
    Song: All Tomorrow's Parties
    Comment: I don't know where, but I guess it will be tomorrow. That's news to me!

    4. What is my best friend's theme song?
    Song: God Don't Make Lonely Girls
    Comment: This could go for all my best friends, we're NEVER lonely... hahaha!

    5. What is the story of my life?
    Song: The High Party
    Comment: Sweet. That is all.

    6. What was high school like?
    Song: Ghost
    Comment: Actually, I wasn't that tormented by high school... maybe I should be?

    7. How can I get ahead in life?
    Song: Breakdown
    Comment: Yeah, that might be pretty accurate.

    8. What is the best thing about me?
    Song: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun
    Comment: Awww, cliche and corny, but true!!