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Dark Tranquillity ist eine Melodic-Death-Metal-Band aus Schweden. Sie gehören neben At the Gates und In Flames zu den prägenden Musikern des Melodic-Death-Metal der sogenannten Göteborger Schule.

Die Anfänge (1989 - 1994)

Im Dezember 1989 gründeten Anders Fridén (Gesang), Niklas Sundin, Mikael Stanne (Gitarre), Martin Henriksson (Bass), Anders Jivarp (Schlagzeug) die Band „Septic Broiler“. Anfangs spielte die Band noch Thrash Metal und nahm 1990 das drei Lieder umfassende Demo „Enfeebled Earth“ auf. Kurze Zeit später änderte die Band ihren Namen in Dark… mehr erfahren



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  • Lethe
  • Ну прямо таки очень недурно !
  • Без сомнений - одна из лучших МДМ групп, если не лучшая! В шведской школе с ними сравнятся разве что Amon Amarth, пусть немного и на другой волне. Хз, когда я слушал МДМ, но этих ребят невозможно просто так взять и перестать слушать.
  • Классная группа, ставлю КЛАСС!!
  • Finalmente o Fiction conseguiu chegar noa maior numeraçao em reproduçoes... album fudido p caralho!
  • The first three albums are pieces of art. Just look at the cover of The Gallery or The Mind's I. Pure magic. Some songs on the later material are indeed great, and Dark Tranquillity are one of the best bands at sustaining decent musical level and being commercially successful at the very same time. Luckily, unlike their counterparts - In Flames - they didn't end up looking like faggots who make music for little kids.
  • Damage Done > evertything.
  • Fiction has two of the best DT songs: Terminus and nothing to no one. The rest of the album is good too, but not great. Character has killer tracks from the beggining to the end.
  • Fiction is too glorified next to the rest of their material. Not saying that it's bad though; of course it's great. I saw these dudes live, sadly with no bassist but still good, loved it.
  • Fiction > Haven > Damage Done > The Gallery > Sky Dancer > Character > We Are The Void > Construct > The Mind's I > Projector.

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