• Sandnes Classic Rock Festival

    26. Dez. 2006, 16:03 von gogodidi

    It was last summer in may, at which I would find myself at my first rock concert. Rock concerts are scarce, especially here in Norway, and this was my first and until now, only rock concert.

    It started on the 19th, with Slade and Nazareth. Slade came up and performed the classics we had come to love, Coz I Luv You and Get Down And Get With It, and to everybody's surprise, even played Merry Xmas Everybody to us, in the middle of May!

    Then came Nazareth, The Scottish band still had it and played some of their own songs, gracing us with a bagpipe with a voicebox, just like Peter Frampton and even played JJ Cale's Cocaine to us. They left with Dan McCafferty saying "Sorry, but we've got to get fucked up too!".

    The next day was the 17th of may, Norway's national day, so we didn't go, as it was just the roadies playing some tunes. I went on the 18th, but The Olsen Brothers failed to impress me so I left when i finished my extremely overpriced beer. I didn't go the next day as D.D.E. isn't really my cup o' tea.
  • Off the Back Burner; and Why I Hate Radio DJs

    6. Okt. 2006, 4:45 von scottwallace01

    For years now, I've heard Hair of the Dog and Love Hurts on the radio. I always thought the former a great song. The latter...well, I thought the lyrics could use some work, but Nazareth didn't write that song. So, after (literally) years of saying to myself, "I'm gonna check out that band sometime...see what they're all about," I finally took the time to do so.

    Now I'm pissed. Damn it, I hate the fucking radio. This is the best stuff I've heard lately, and I would have jumped on it years ago if the radio had played anything other than the two tracks listed above.

    Anyone who knows me (or at least gives a cursory glance at my profile before reading this) will know that I'm a big fan of Guns N' Roses. And as I sat listening to Nazareth, I was forced to wonder if Dan McCafferty is, in fact, the long lost father of Axl Rose. He sounds like Axl...just a bit deeper and richer, vocally.

    Man this is good stuff. Why don't the radio DJs ever play songs like Miss Misery