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  • Newsome.
  • Statement of Intent!!!!!!!!
  • Statement of Intent!!!! Format Arrives!!!!
  • May be some one possess the playlist of European Vacation Mix ? Format+Florian Keller+Dom Servini+Laurel b2b 4hours mix explode my mind )
  • happy-funky ! завтра заценим живьем, ткзть )
  • like his style?!)
  • We Know Something... (c)
  • Fabric. 27, now you're talking! Fucking ace bit of putting a compilation album together!
  • The Bee's Knees.
  • Format rocks!
  • Sounds really good, old school groove.
  • Format + Abdominal = Legendary
  • Word
  • awesome
  • matt / format is an artist in every sense of the word. so, word.
  • Hey Matt, it's Polish support of your recent mixtape "Kings Of Rock": cheers
  • Like everyone else is saying, the tags are a mess.
  • I think elJuan means track and album title tagging. I agree, the tags are all over the place for the great DJ Format.
  • easier tagging? this is straight b-boy music. you don't need any other tags.
  • Brilliant. Mixing jazz with turntables is funkier than funk.
  • Need more Format. Also need easier tagging!
  • need more format!
  • Goddamnit, I need a new format album.
  • English lesson, funky and interesting sounds. Makes me want to shake my bootaay! I love Vicious battle raps!
  • DJ Format is no doubt a master at what he does!
  • 3 Feet Deep blew me away.
  • European Vacation mix is awesome. And I'm not saying about Polish flavours in it :)
  • Any more information on locating said mix hopeinproles? I've never heard it before but I certainly want to ^_^
  • Rumour has it he's bench pressing 400LB's and thats with the left arm alone What about the right? Writing Poems!
  • there is a 13 min condensed mix from music for the mature b-boy which came with hip hop connection magazine before the album release. at least i think i got from there? if you can hear it, it's great! they did the same with dj yoda's how to cut 'n' paste!
  • good shit
  • We Know Something You Don't Know is just too great, especially the video
  • Quality tunes.. Top grooves...
  • How is 3 feet deep so low? Despite tagging issues I'd think it's by far his most popular song.
  • Some of the only hip-hop I can appreciate.
  • format has been kind enough to make us an exclusive latin mix for our website. you can get it here:
  • I'd love a new Format album to come out. It had better happen! And soon.
  • Hooked from the moment I saw the 3 Feet Deep Video directed by Keith Schofield... This reminds me of the Beastie Boys. I'll have to listen some more.
  • It's music for the MATURE B-Boy....... it says it just up there mate. Anyone know if there's any plans for another album?
  • um no obv he's not retarted he's ill as fuck.
  • is he retarted by any chance?
  • Is he retired by any chance?
  • I was wondering whether I did like Dj Format, but then having read the Artist description I decided to ignore the people and continue to indulge myself in his funky breaks and beats.
  • Will you please take that off the turntable! I'm a very busy disc jockey, now go away!
  • B-Boys have babies but never bow down Format keeps the b-boy crown
  • Seen him once, fell in love...How can anyone not love this! Oh yeah, I have a mix of Music for the Mature B-Boy, condensed...Not sure if Format put it out or someone else? Found on Slsk.
  • Just got back from Format at Jazz Club, Camden- fucking ace.
  • format is god
  • Intro'd the funkiest track. Sick...


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