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DJ Clivester - 40 years old from Vienna.

Growing up in New York City in the 80's his biggest influence by then was Rap and Electronic music. When he moved back to Austria, he almost immediately started working as a DJ in various Austrian clubs until in 1991 Clivester finally switched sides and worked for over 10 years for various record companies in Austria.

During this time he co-produced some records until he completely turned his back to music biz and started his own company (advertising agency). Thats what Clivester does now - but of course he couldnt resist music biz for long and so most of his current clients are in this business… The few moments Clivester has on his own, he remixes songs for friends or tries to create some fun mashups.

His most popular productions include "Pump Up The Convoy" (C.W. McCall vs. MARRS), "The Surface Of Saturday Night" (from the "Bootwerk - A Bastard Pop Tribute To Kraftwerk" album), "Boulevard Of Broken Homes" (Green Day vs. Pet Shop Boys) and "Check Up On The Time Warp" (Beyonce vs. The Rocky Horror Picture Show).

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