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DEATHGAZE wurden im Juli 2003, in Nagoya gegründet und bestanden ursprünglich aus 藍 (Ai) , 柑那 (Kanna) (ex. Keil), 直樹 (Naoki) (ex. ベリィ) und Hazuki (ex. ベリィ).

Die Band begann ihre Karriere mit ein paar kleineren Auftritten und im Februar 2004 veröffentlichten sie ihre erstes Maxi Single "「294036224052」". Nach einer kurzen Tour von März bis April 2004 verließ Hazuki die Band, um Sänger bei lynch. zu werden und Kanna…

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  • @SamuraiSx this guy...lmao.
  • \\m/
  • bring back sou save deathgaze 2015
  • Yeah they can do better. In Enigma there are songs I loved like The Underworld so sounds pretty fine for me.
  • @SamuraiSx People have rights for their opinion and everyone have different tastes, like you have your own. So our "complaining" is not invalid. Don't like it? Just ignore.
  • @SamuraiSx hiatus
  • OK, I DON'T APPROVE BAD COMMENTS about latest album! *o* I don't know what are with your ears guys but I think you are trying to sound philosophic. ENIGMA is great! Your accusations and reviews on latest album are UNDULY. as newest album it brought various songs and I could feel every song from album! I LIked EVERY song, except Enigma, I also think this song could be done better, but despite this one whole album sound good and emite various expressions nice melody lyrics and vocal. so Your Complaining Is Invalid. gosh I am glad I didn't listen so many stupid comments waiting for 'out of earth gasmic song' x_x
  • uhh.. wut? o.o mfg when I am back here I only hear sad news.. did they went on hiatus or disband?????? btw Bliss Out is great album like Creature also songs are fitting and interesting in their mode described well their emotions at that time making album. I don't know why so much negative voices about latest album so I'm going to listen it now to see if it's reviewed right..
  • великолепные <3
  • Wellp, someday here in the rest of south america (not only brazil :'c) a future q.q When they back from the hiatus :c

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