5. Aug. 2006, 1:43 von witchywoman

    completed: 44 out of 50.

    lyrics in bold have had lyrics added to them to make it easier.

    1. before you slip into unconciousness, i'd like to have another kiss.
    The Crystal Ship

    2. so my mom, she brushes her hair.
    and my dad starts growing bob dylan's beard.
    and i share with my friends a couple of beers.
    in the orlando streets.
    The Charging Sky

    3. i scoured your town, completely aroused.
    and making love to your memory.
    My Name Is Trouble

    4. ..by the time that we get through, the world will never ever be the same, and you're to blame.
    Hey There Delilah

    5. you keep me lit like antediluvian troy,
    but one always reveres what one's bound to destroy.
    Rapture Rapes the Muses

    6. and they had to pick just the right one to represent me on the silver screen.
    and i've got to say, they got it spot on.
    Tom Felton's Kinda Hot

    7. the bridges burst and twist around and wanting something warm and moving bends towards herself the soothing, proves that she must still exist.