• Gloria Deluxe: finding a new band to love

    8. Feb. 2007, 2:32 von UkeleleBlues

    Around this time last year, I first stumbled across a band called Gloria Deluxe. I had given my sons a DVD for Christmas of Dan Zanes and Friends called All Around the Kitchen and I was completely captivated. Before long I was combing DZ's website (If you have kids, and are sick of the pablum that is most music marketed for children, you should really check out Dan Zanes: he is amazing. He used to be the front man for the Del Fuegos).

    On Dan's site, I saw that the accordion player in his band, whose voice I really liked, was frontwoman for her own band. Her name is Cynthia Hopkins and the Band, as I already mentioned, is called Gloria Deluxe.

    My first stop was the band's website. Under "sounds," I found a generous sampling of mp3 and realaudio ready for downloading. These are mostly out-takes or alternate versions from GD's five albums, but it also includes an entire five-song EP that has gone out of print. At first I was put off a little: the lyrics were gritty and the mood sombre. …