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Es gibt mehrere Künstler mit dem Namen "Culture"

1. Culture ist eine jamaikanische Reggae Band die im Jahr 1976 von Joseph Hill (Sänger) gegründet wurde. Anfangs hieß die Band noch "African Disciples". Zwischen 1982 und 1986 war die Band getrennt, weil die einzelnen Mitglieder ihre Soloprojekte voranbringen wollten. 2006 starb Joseph Hill und sein Sohn Kenyatta Hill singt seit dem in der Band.

2. Culture war eine aus…

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  • Great show in Leeds..sounds so much like his Dad, great support and backing band as well. The Rasites.
  • 90's Florida Hardcore !
  • Culture dobry hardcore .Uważam że hxc umie ,umiało grać z 50 zespołów na świecie.a reszta zasługuje na 10osobowa widownię. A w Polsce ze3-4 kapele dobrze grały HxC.I od lat 90tych nikt mnie nie zachwycił.
  • To citizenbird: Your odd concern for the exclusivity of the band name culture has me confused. It is entirely normal for multiple bands to share the same name, as last fm band pages so often attest to. Why would you want so desperately for one band to sue another? Why the fuck should people be able to lay right to a term or word, especially when applied to artistic expression? Culture. Its a word that has a profound meaning given the context. Bands should be able to utilize a word for the name of their musical project without fear of legal reprisal. I understand copyrights exist, but why push something so benign and unimportant? Do you attack every single band that has the same name as another, or are you just picking on this obscure hardcore band from the 90's that hasn't existed for over a decade? Who gives a shit? The fact that you're actually bothered enough to want to contact the band/labels to push this "infringement" is fucking obscene. Just saying....
  • Huh perhaps neither knew of each other. not everyone likes reggae plus culture the florida band has split up anyway...also in the 90's the internet wasn't as sporadically used as it is googling band names wasn't on the cards.........anyway i prefer the vegan edge band myself..
  • pozdrowienia z Polski dla fanów Culture
  • Well, I love alcohol and drugs, but the Hardcore band from US is very good!!!
  • Two Sevens Clash and Baldhead Bridge are amazing. Hardcore Culture should probably change their name before a legal action. 115k users have listened to the most popular reggae culture album, whereas hardcore culture only have 3k listeners and formed after reggae culture. Anyone want to alert reggae Culture or their past record labels to the copyright infringement by hardcore culture?
  • oh, finally!
  • Culture is not a CULT. Please change back the artist name to its proper case.

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