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Crass waren von 1977 bis 1984 eine Anarcho-Punk-Band aus England. Im Gegensatz zu vielen anderen verstanden sie ihr Engagement vor allem als direkt politisch - Musik und die Subkultur waren in diesem Sinne nur Mittel zum Zweck.

Im Winter von 1977/1978 fanden regelmäßig Gigs im White Lion in Putney statt, verstärkt durch die UK Subs. Ihr erstes Album The feeding of the 5000 veröffentlichten sie im Sommer 1978 auf Small…

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  • @negroid101 You're a dipshit. Crass rules.
  • best punk band in the world
  • @negroid: Your sister sucks... -_-
  • this band sucks
  • "there are still some great punk bands now but they are hard to find." <--- They really aren't, though. IDK how people manage to forget they have this wonderful tool that is the internet when they make comments like this using that very same tool. The only real "challenge" these days is deciding where to begin in an endless sea of possibilities. Sifting through a lot of digital crap can't really be called hard next to the old way of discovering new music through tape trades and mail order lists you couldn't "check out on youtube first" before ordering. At worst, sifting through it all can be time-consuming, but it's still light years faster than snail mail. Infinitely cheaper, too.
  • "Music died w/ disco" <--- Poison Girls, among others, were doing some pretty disco-as-fuck music at times that managed to be incredibly affecting, so I can't endorse this. Also, Giorgio Moroder is pretty cool, man. :|
  • how do i become them
  • Punk is not the only genre of music you know... there are still some great punk bands now but they are hard to find.
  • Fucking music now is fucking not music. It's mutated labby-loo, it's filtered parba. Ain't nothing fucking PUNK about it. Music died w/ disco, fucking punk-suckers. Dead ol' punk rabbit with a phony sucker in its rotten mouth.
  • Be exactly who you want to be, do what you want to do. I am he and she is she but you're the only you

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