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  • Avatar für MusicMagic77
    One of the greatest power drummers of the whole rock history. I'll remember him 'till the end of my life ...
  • Avatar für headgear56
    Such a tragic loss...he was one of the greatest Drummers of all time.
  • Avatar für Hartmann183
  • Avatar für Lephrozy
    R.I.P. Cozy.
  • Avatar für LordsOfTheStorm
    Phenomenal drummer, absolutely brilliant performance on Rainbow's 'Rising' album.
  • Avatar für StormBurn
    R.I.P. Cozy...
  • Avatar für epi_gee
    I never knew of his death until today. He made a huge contribution to music. RIP Cozy.
  • Avatar für backtothelight
    13 years ago today. RIP.
  • Avatar für Relpan
    http://www.last.fm/group/Drums+Player?setlang=en welcome friends
  • Avatar für Dario_Western
    He was brilliant and deserved to have a number one hit with "Dance With The Devil" and "Na Na Na" which sounds a lot like AC/DC. Dance With The Devil was eventually ripped off by Right Said Fred for "I'm Too Sexy" in 1991, but happily he did top the charts playing on the song "The Stonk" by Hale & Pace along with Brian May, Tommy Iommi, Roger Taylor, and Rowan Atkinson.
  • Avatar für wydziergana
    Great drummer....
  • Avatar für blackthunder66
    Top Drummer
  • Avatar für mynameisjoehann
    dance with me mea ma
  • Avatar für Carmelo530
    Ударник от Бога..
  • Avatar für Darkerius88
  • Avatar für Nololob
    [url=http://www.last.fm/group/Klasyka+Rocka]Klasyka Rocka [/url]
  • Avatar für mistritet
    Dance with the devil!!!
  • Avatar für RobertMeadows
    One of the best drummers. We lost him too soon.
  • Avatar für ricardoguzman
    uno de los grandes descansa en paz cozy
  • Avatar für ManiacForces
  • Avatar für StrummerDude
    Dance with the devil and hot rock's are the best cozy powell songs (i have heard) ever but the again those are the only cozy powell songs i have heard Their AWESOME!!!!!!!!
  • Avatar für kelemene25
    Gerçek adı Colin Flooks. 70 lerin ve 80lerin hard rock gruplarında çalmış iyi bir baterist. Torpağı bol olsun Babadan kalan Plaklarını hala saklıyorum :):)
  • Avatar für petercharlesfag
    Can anyone tell me what happened to the "B" side track of the single "Dance with the Devil"? The track was called "And then there was Skin". I have never heard it anywhere else and the disc has got lost in the mists of time!
  • Avatar für Matt_Murdock
    I like Powell's drum on ELP record from 86, Emerson, Lake and Powell. And his stuff with RAINBOW is awesome too.
  • Avatar für Torso-blake
    Hey Guys check out the nice videos on the Black Sabbath page! It's a pity that he did so much for Rock and Roll and doesn't get the due respect... RIP http://www.black-sabbath.com/news/2008/04/cozy_powell.html
  • Avatar für SuzElpy
    Cozy is really THE BEST!!!
  • Avatar für Tr1xx
    I'm amazed The Man In Black isn't second (or first) in his charts along with Dance With the Devil. It's an incredible track.
  • Avatar für Richaod
    Brilliant drummer. His solo stuff is a bit hard to find, but his work with Rainbow and Black Sabbath is certainly impressive. Especially the Stargazer intro.
  • Avatar für LilTheater
  • Avatar für Metal_ed
    woa - sunset is good!

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