• Playlist: Animal Inspiration

    10. Apr. 2006, 21:09 von crono333

    So I had this cool idea for a playlist... animals! I just took any track I have with an animal species in the title (or closely animal related) and threw them all together. I only took the studio version of any song with multiples available (no live, demos). I was quite surprised by the number of songs in the playlist... 89! So 2.2% of all my songs are animal songs... hmmm.

    Anyways, you guys should give it a try... I had a most interesting animal-themed weekend listening to the whole playlist. For my own personal amusement I tallied up my zoo population (in animal-alphabetical order of course):

    2 ants, 2 bears, a bee, a beetle, 3 unidentified birds, a blackbird, a bull, 2 butterflies, 4 cats, some cattle, a cockroach (why?), a cow, a crow, a deer, 9 dogs, a dolphin, 2 generic fish, 2 flies, a frog, a gerbil, a goat, 2 horses, 2 lambs, a leech, a mockingbird, 5 monkeys, 2 mosquitos, a mule, 2 otters, 3 pigs, 3 rats, a rattlesnake, a raven, a rhinoseros, a rooster, a sardine…