• Coreline Update! NEW FREE TRACKS!

    17. Sep. 2007, 15:33 von coreline

    HELLO! its Coreline news time!

    between my all too frequent bouts of pan european tran-set-ery visiting clubs and wowing all sorts of people with my unique and awesome brand of happy yay core i have made time in my bussey shedule to compose yet more world-changing music the likes of which terrify small chrildren and cure most conventional illnesses*


    between my all to frequent bouts of sitting in a call centre miserably weeping about time wasted and or playing bioshock at home in the evenings or sleeping i have been writing some new music, which i think is okay. its avaiable for free preview and download in some cases so click!

    coreline builds better robots - its a new song, its called coreline builds better robots, its free, its not crap, its track 5 on my new EP, its like two clicks away!
    This track is track 5 on my new EP Exact science is not an exact science. which will be available from me. Now may be a good time to mention that i will be Djaying at Rise of