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Britische Skinheadband. gegründet 1980.
Zeichneten sich durch ihren harten geradlinigen Sound aus und waren damit stilprägend für viele nachfolgende Skinheadformationen. Und wärend andere Bands wie LAST RESORT, 4 SKINS oder COMBAT 84 ihre Marken in der Skinheadmusikgeschichte setzten, zeichnen CONDEMNED 84 eine gerade, schnökellose Linie von den frühen 80ern bis ins heute. Die "Jungs" um Kev Parker und Gunk sind…

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  • It's not a common sense - it's a personal opinion of yours. Also, "saying that discrimination and far-right ideology is stupid" is exactly what PC is, and it's a huge trend this days, so loved by cattle.
  • vvv Naah, political correctness is definitely a thing. The far-left and internet "social justice" types will overreact and get offended over the smallest things that it's like they just want to find something to complain about. But saying that discrimination and far-right ideology is stupid isn't "PC", it's just common sense.
  • decent band though. Some catchy tunes.
  • "This band really kicks ass!! Best Oi band ever.And left pc-fruits out of punk!" Implying anyone who's leftist gives a shit about being PC. Political correctness is just an excuse for negative people to disguise their anger as enlightenment. It doesn't actually exist.
  • Face the aggression!!
  • What an annoying shoutbox... The worst thing about the internet: all these teenage hippie punks who normally spent their lives listening to Rancid or some trash end up finding out about Oi music, shave their heads and are convinced they are 'part of the scene' now... Jesus, go listen to Anti-Flag and enjoy rebelling against your comfortable, middle class life.
  • No one likes us, AND WE DON'T CARE
  • You amuse me. All of you.
  • Niko Puhakka !!!
  • This band really kicks ass!! Best Oi band ever.And left pc-fruits out of punk!

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