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  • Last.FM needs to fix up fast... I really can't tell when new bands are releasing new songs or what songs are popular at the moment - This website stil doesn't work and it's frustrating
  • Deathrace baby gimme some gimme some more !!!
  • Love Everybody hates u.
  • Параша.
  • OMFG, Andy, I <3 U!
  • Their last album is great
  • If your want to listen something similar, then Project Silence is your thing, they have new single flesh of the god here! https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jJYT5Qu4Drk
  • If we're going to hell, we're flying first class
  • Try mephedrone / coke with all pain is gone or never surrender
  • I thank Ninja Theory for choosing Combichrist for soundtrack album. It's been 2 and a half years since I finished the game 4 times, still I listen to Combichrist's OST for the game. Well done Ninja Theory, well done!
  • DmC brought me here [2]
  • lol Methadrones.
  • Веселые ребята
  • Really love them and their sound. They are kickass. The last album was ok and somewhat refreshing. DMC Soundtrack album was good aswell. But I prefer their TBM/Noise stuff. Hope they are coming back to it with their next album.
  • south america please!!!
  • Wow, that last album sure is shitty.
  • come to South America already
  • @razor_sharp7 : Andy makes a thorough cleaning of neurons by the succession of trance / psychedelic songs and vindictive / protest / rock songs ...
  • Послушав полную дискографию, вынужден согласиться с некоторыми из последних здешних комментаторов с тем, что раннее творчество поярче будет конечно, хотя и не знаток жанра, так сказать.
  • Такой придурок. Вырвалось, прошу прощения.
  • DmC brought me here
  • Are they still doing their industrial metal/post-hardcore phase?
  • Hope, that Andy will come back to his old style^^ WTFIWWY YEA
  • Thanks for good music for DMC Devil May Cry ^^
  • The beat of their songs are too repetitive.
  • Love the early powernoise sound
  • Да, раньше было лучше, да и трава была зеленее.
  • Не любитель, но раньше они явно были интереснее. А сейчас превратились во что-то несерьезное, для 16-тилетних детей. Apoptygma Berzerk и Combichrist - самое большое позорище на электро-индустриальной сцене.
  • gig in Poland : https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UJQUqgLuCq8
  • thank you for an awesome concert in Minsk!
  • Damn I want to eat pizza with these motherfuckers [2]
  • Их музон весьма неплохо вписался в DMC.
  • You guys are awesome! Please, come back to Minsk!
  • Damn I want to eat pizza with these motherfuckers
  • NYC?
  • Great show last night in Knoxville. You guys tore that place UP!
  • friendly reminder: [artist]Project Pitchfork[/artist]'s latest album 'BLOOD' is fucking awesome and YOU should check it out. Start with Blood-Moon, Blood-Pressure & Blood-Stained.
  • толсто)
  • Пздц у него слуха нет и голоса... ему, похоже, медведь не просто на ухо наступил, а стоя на его ушах вые6ал его в гортань. вторичная бездарность, как такое слушать можно вообще, как в принципе и всё унылое emb??....
  • The Undertaker sounds like something Aphex Twin would make <3
  • А че заебись тогда?
  • Ну что за говно…
  • thank you for fucking amazing concert in Saint-Petersburg


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