• Review for Comatose Vigil's ''Not A gleam Of Hope

    22. Dez. 2009, 16:19 von PoEVIL

    The Grandeur And Misery Of Man - 90%
    Written by PrincipleOfEVIL on December 24th, 2009

    Imagine void. Imagine complete vacuum, with but a mote of matter erring aimlessly within. Imagine you are that insignificant mote in the infinite vastness of space. This is the feeling this album engenders. It is at the same time a feeling of granditude and a feeling of futility, like in Blaise Pascal's words (not given literally): ''Man is but a reed, but a reed that thinks. If space crushes man, he would be aware of that, while the space wouldn't know anything about. In this is the misery and the grandeur of man: the ability of THOUGHT''

    I was, as usually browsing my beloved Last.fm in search for some interesting music, and I stumbled upon this band. The name sounded familiar, very interesting and rang with a special warning in my head, meaning: check this out. NOW!!! And I did it. I decided to listen to this in the bus while returning home. I was for a surprise. …