• New Mixes

    1. Jan. 2006, 23:42 von Ritzkiss

    Here's the tracklisting of a couple new samplers I made for my sister. All these are quality tracks worth checking out. All on the mellow side and not too far out there.

    Disc #1

    1. Why? - Andrew Bird's Bowl of Fire
    2. Beautiful - Belle and Sebastian
    3. Land Locked Blues - Bright Eyes
    4. Sun's Gonna Rise - Citizen Cope
    5. Fresh Feeling - The Eels
    6. No Poetry - Gary Jules
    7. Don't Shoot the Messenger - Gordie Sampson
    8. Madrigals - Howie Day
    9. Such Great Heights - Iron & Wine
    10. You're Beautiful - James Blunt
    11. Zebra - John Butler Trio
    12. Paper Walls - Marc Cohn
    13. Glory Bound - Martin Sexton
    14. Time Has Told Me - Nick Drake
    15. T. Hatch Says "Round Every Corner" - P:iano
    16. Poetry & Aeroplanes - Teitur
    17. The Boy With the Bubblegun - Tom McRae
    18. Pot Kettle Black - Wilco

    Disc #2

    1. Everytime - Donavon Frankenreiter
    2. Nobody Knows Me At All - The Weepies
    3. A Good Man is Hard to Find - Sufjan Stevens
  • Moments.

    14. Nov. 2005, 21:02 von Rainbowskies

    Sometimes you find moments in music you just can't explain. They put you in a sense of sheer disbelief and respect for the person who's playing the instrument. That moment can be in any sort of genre and can hit you at any time and sometimes leaves a lasting impression for weeks on end.

    Inside that moment, you lose everything you own, and are just one, one with the music in both body and soul and sometimes you just get bursts of insperation for the music to express yourself. It provokes images, words, and lyrics to come flooding out. Gives you that drive you've been looking for ages, and you just feel complete. Passive to life; At peace.

    I've been in one of those moments for the longest while. Explosions in the Sky are an artist that do this to me a lot, especially "The only moment we move alone". And after you've met a band, you generally end up forgetting them, and moving on to something else. But not with Explosions in the Sky. They've been on my playlist for a long time (Judging on how quickly I get bored).