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13 Ways To Bleed On Stage

13 Ways To Bleed On Stage



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  • My rating 10 out of 10
  • Loved this album
  • you people are weird. while it is true that NOTHING from them CD wise will touch the debut CD and this one... but they still have amazing stuff on their later releases. but yes, it is true that none of it flows like their first 2 cds. then again, kinda hard to mess with perfection.
  • Everything right up to and including Gone Away was a masterpiece, and this has been my favorite CD of all time, for so very long now. Cold was just so perfect. The magic dwindled after that, though. You know exactly what I mean..
  • absolutely mind-blowing. from the great cohesiveness of it (i can start at any track and not skip a song), to the production (which gives the songs the dark, moody feel) and the guest spots, the peak of COLD the band with the exception of With My Mind.
  • favorite
  • The first 2 cds are the best ones by far... anything after is garbage.
  • their best album! <3 fucking amazing... memories! Send in the clowns <3 Witch <3 Bleed <3 Same drug <3 Confession <3
  • absolutely amazing album and definitely my favorite from them, just got wicked was the first song i heard from cold back in 02 and then i listened to the album and i was blown away the album is the reason why cold is one of my favorite bands, the album is deep dark and it really reaches out to you cold forever
  • thier best album.cold is great too but the following two are disappointing

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