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Es gibt mehrere Künstler mit dem Namen "Coil"

1) Coil war eine britische Avantgarde-Band.

Die Gruppe Coil wurde 1983 von John Balance in London gegründet. London war damals die Anlaufstelle für Musiker und Bands aus den experimentelleren Bereichen der Musik. Sowohl Noise, Industrial als auch Neofolk wurden hier entwickelt. Dies sorgte dafür, dass sich die Musiker untereinander austauschten und ein Jahr später schloss…

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  • i've checked orginal edition of the snow ep from 1991. It was in standard cd case, much better quality then those envelopes from new edition. The whole thing with COIL reissues seems to be made in hurry. I don't get how someone could decide to release those eps in this terrible packing. Coil was always considered as a band which show concern for quality of package. I guess it all about a money. Pity.
  • Yes, the packaging leaves a lot to be desired. At least the cardboard has a glossy feel, but it's not good enough. My Black Antlers CD that I got from Threshold House back in the day is a beautiful package, and Sleazy clearly cared about the physical product as a work of art in itself, so these reissues are letting him down there. And why are the releases limited? The point of the project was to put Coil's music back into stock -- not to create yet more impossible-to-find Coil albums that fans will have to pay triple the normal price for. The eternal mystery of Coil's discography.
  • считаю что задача джона бэланса манипулировать сознанием людей посредством музыки весьма оправдана [5]
  • Just received Snow and Windowpane cd's and i have to admit that it's not what i was expecting. Of course musically it's great of course, but the way it's made? CD is in a thin cardboard envelope, no digipack or any other decent package. There is no description anywhere about tracklist, so you have to check on the internet for the trakclist. And it looks really bad like some cheap cdr. Huge disappointment for me.
  • There are times when I think that nothing can top Astral Disaster.
  • "The Last Amethyst Deceiver"
  • there seems to be 2 different tracklists of backwards circulating... any difference between those versions/are both real?
  • Maybe it's a kind of kicking a dead horse but I'm glad to see some shoutboxes are still alive, and particularly glad that Coil shoutbox is one of them.
  • It hasn't been released yet -- it's a mid October release, I think. There are no Coil albums on Spotify for the same reason that you can't buy them in shops: the earlier releases are/were tied up in all kinds of label litigation issues and thus are not produced anymore, and the latter albums were released by Sleazy himself, usually in limited quantities -- and he's deceased, so he can't negotiate with Spotify for digital rights. At least that's what I believe, I could be wrong; no one really seems to know exactly what's going on with the status of much of Coil's music. Supposedly the albums will be rereleased at some point soon, but that was talked about a couple of years ago and nothing came of it.
  • Still haven't received 'Backwards', what's up?

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