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Nachdem Code ihr Demo "Transmissions" 2002 veröffentlichten, brachten sie 2005 ihr Debut "Nouveau Gloaming" auf den Markt. Sie spielen einen stark avantgardistisch angehauchten Black Metal und bestehen aus englischen und norwegischen Musikern. Bis dato gab es schon ein paar line - up Wechsel (Asgeir Mickelson - Drummer von Borknagar- war nie ein offizielles Mitglied; I.C.S. Vortex Sänger von Arcturus und Dimmu Borgir wurde von seinem Vorgänger Kvohst wieder ersetzt). Das jetzige line - up liest sich wie folgt:

Kvohst - Stimme (auch… mehr erfahren



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  • Do you guys know anything that sounds similar to Mut? I'm not sure if i heard anything with this atmosphere except for Kayo Dot's Coffins on IO
  • Review zu "Mut" (8.5/10) auf
  • Agreed Skanking. But actually, I'm not sure I enjoy Hexvessel apart from the first album. I do love Kvohst too, but Dawnbearer was just so bizarre and unique, while No Holier Temple and the EP with their rock influences were kinda... well, underwhelming. On the other hand Beastmilk is fantastic, check it up. Right up there with Mut!
  • totally agree with DarkEst85
  • "Mut" is amazing, but the best album by Code is still "Resplendent Grotesque".
  • The last album is so beautiful it might be my favorite from them. Sorry trve fans :((
  • Blasphemy warning: I kinda dig the new Code album more than the most recent Hexvessel EP thing... like, I fucking love Khvost, I have a tattoo dedicated to his music, been a fan since Dodheimsgard days. But I really dig this dark melodic, haunting proggy-bizz that Code is doing these days more than the psychedelic jam band thing Matt is doing in Hex. He's straying away from some of that really powerful brooding darkness, that visceral presence of ghostly trails within his music, its not absent but... lacking. This new Code has a lotttt of melody, and the vocals are very suiting for the vibe they attempted to create. It's unique in Code's discography, but not altogether out of place. I prefer Mut over Augur Nox by far. I don't know, I feel like they accomplished something bold and meaningful since losing one of the best powerhouse vocalists in the "metal" scene today. The new vocalist isn't Khvost, but he was a pretty damn good choice to lead the band in a new direction.
  • Tool [2]
  • Mut has me confused as all fuck. On one hand I think it's a damn shame they're trying to copy Kvohst's direction, but on the other hand it doesn't sound half bad. "Numb, An Author" and "The Bloom In The Blast" sound like something Kvohst would have released under Beastmilk. I guess it'll be one of those shameful things I listen to.
  • "Mut" is far away from all those black metal tags, maybe I should have started with one of their earlier albums, because I expected more Black Metal out of this.

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