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Since: 2001 in Netherlands, Helden
Genre: Porngrind
Label: War Anthem Records

Joost - vocals
Ivan - guitar, vocals
Robbie - guitar
Vedran - bass
Clemens - drums

Cliteaten Back To Life - 2013
(A Tribute To GUT Vol. 2) - 2011
(Split w/ The Day Everything Became Nothing) - 2011
The Great Southern Clitkill - 2010
Scream Bloody Clit - 2008
(Split w/ Suppository) - 2006
Eat Clit Or Die - 2005

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  • Very good & fun grindcore!
  • Fuckin' great!!!
  • Da Death Metal Hippie:
  • Hahaha, gotta love those song titles! :D
  • I love this kind of Music. Interesting yet strange sounds come from Pornogrind especially.
  • Pedophiliac Cult is sick, heavy and f**king great!!!
  • Now this, is the first goregrind band i've really liked more than just for the silly fun factor.
  • @noisefiend: I cant help but wonder how many of the guys in the band are eating that on a regular basis....
  • "That's what you are, You are the motherfuckin' Anti-Christ!"
  • Grind as it should be.

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