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  • new album out: SONGS FOR MARY
  • i love I Love the Unknown
  • shocked there isn't more listeners! incredible band.
  • Eef Barzelay is quite possibly the greatest songwriter / wordsmith of the last decade. Indie music has rarely been so utterly lyrical and intense. I usually despise the languid indie vocal delivery, but this band I could listen to forever
  • because I Love The Unknown....
  • Californication! [3]
  • Californication! [2]
  • Californication!
  • Still in love ♥
  • It constantly breaks my heart that this band isn't fucking huge.
  • I am SO glad that a Spotify search for "Joan Jett" tunes led me to this band.
  • Real good.
  • I'm loving the Journey songs!! :)
  • Clem Snide sings Jouney listen via @bandcamp
  • Whoa, this band kicks a little ass.
  • Eef, you snarky bastard. I'm jealous of that wit.
  • A great band with great music ( Forever now and then, I love the unknown, The water song and many more). Their music and the atmosphere they create is similar to Wilco and this kind of contry - rock groups. Amazing
  • The sound of german hip hop <3
  • The Meat of Life is brilliant. Espesssh, 'I got high'
  • Here is a review of their new album The Meat of Life
  • New Daytrotter session up today. They've even got sneak peek at the new album.... and it's good!
  • "Forever now and then" is beautiful.
  • "Encounter at 3 am" is read and written by the poet Franz Wright. He wrote it specifically for the album. Its the most fucking awesome thing ever!
  • Has anyone heard the new Langhorne Slim record? Thoughts? Here is a live song from it.
  • My favorite music.
  • Hey does anyone have an idea who 'recites the poem' in "Encounter at 3 am" off their new album? Or is that just Eef Barzelay himself? It kinda reminds me of "Black Building" by Kashmir.. (though I'm pretty sure this isn't Lou Reed)
  • This band is brilliant! All I can listen to at the moment.
  • stunning performance last night at the Borderline, Eef Barzelay is a genius
  • I listen about Clem Snide thans to the film Rocket Science
  • Forever, Now and Then is so delicate and sadly beautiful.
  • A really great band
  • saw them last night. played a good mix of old and new. jews for jesus, messiah complex blues, let's explode, ice cube, born a man, me no, beard of bees, i love the unknown, fight song melodies. great set. eef is hilarious.
  • Good to have you back, boys (boy?) As much as I love Eef, "Lose Big" was a bit heavy-handed for me. The arrangements, orchestration, songwriting, everything(!) are vastly improved on this long-delayed would-be swan-song.
  • Soo goood
  • So, so wonderful. I hope to follow the guidance, to be a better person. It's that good. :)
  • There's no IF with EEF, he's gonna be a star!
  • the world loves eef
  • the indiepop way....... to know what u think of it, thx!
  • Thank you Rocket Science for introducing me to this band.
  • i love this band. too bad they disbanded, but i recently saw Eef and i like his solo stuff too. his backing band is a bunch of really great guys too.
  • Why don't you listen to Eef Barzelay?
  • Eef just did an interview with Globecat Music! Check it out here:
  • Don't Let The Sun Go Down On Your Grievience is a cover of a Daniel Johnston song.
  • art-country
  • i love the unknown has so much depth....gorgeous song indeed
  • Goodbye, Clem Snide. Your totem elk are with me always.
  • Jews For Jesus Blues is an amazing song. such insightful lyrics. love Eef. i'm completely ready for the new cd. Spain already has it. (bastard)
  • *_*
  • i saw them just after release of end of love, they were awesome!
  • I saw Eef Barzelay open up for Ben Folds last year in Buffalo and it was awesome! You guys should check out, I Love the Unknown...


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