• Quick Jeffrey Lee Pierce Tribute Album review while I run my bath

    13. Dez. 2009, 18:59 von Foz71

    We Are Only Riders - The Jeffrey Lee Pierce Sessions Project

    It's a sad fact that Jeffrey Lee Pierce and his band (The Gun Club) seems to have been largely forgotten. As an ever-present in the burgeoning punk scene of the late 70s (writing for fanzines, performing in bands and presiding over Blondie's Fan Club), he found his own niche as head of the aforementioned Gun Club - an incredibly influential LA band who seem to be rarely regarded nowadays - followed by a series of solo albums after he became disillusioned with punk's increasing uniformity and discovered the joys of Delta Blues. Jeffrey died in 1996 after a long and tortured battle with his demons, leaving a tremendous legacy of music.
    Fast-forward to early 2006, and blues performer (and Pierce collaborator) Cypress Grove clears out his attic. He discovers a bag of cassette tapes and rather than just throw them out, he decides to inspect the contents - and discovers a battered old tape labelled "JLP Songs"…
  • streets so bright

    16. Okt. 2006, 6:32 von Louie4711


    It is a sad day for my city. This afternoon I took the subway down to the East Village to look at CBGBs as a functional entity one last time. There was already quite a large amount of people gathered. One older woman yelled over to me "We're all Devo, say it one more time before we shut this place down!" It made sense, I was wearing my Devo sweatshirt, but it freaked me out.

    I had to get out of there pretty quickly, the entire experience was sad and strange. I have very mixed feelings about that club closing. The scene that was there long ago has long since vacated. That club has been existing on reputation only for about twenty years. However, if I think about all the energy that was once there, the people that found themselves there, and the influences those people have had on my life, I can't help but be pretty sad about the entire thing.

    It is very dangerous and unhealthy to be wistful about places. …