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  • last album certainly is nice to listen to, but not their best, perfect as background music while working
  • Autumn In The Neighbourhood - new album 2015 - Excellent
  • Bigger Punch the Feeling should be on top ... top I say. TOP !
  • Imagine the sun, lazy on a deep blue sea...
  • Canny music, Lads.
  • ....... Aparte de ser una de las mejores bandas de los 80s y que tienen en sus venas impregnado el sudoroso olor a New Wave
  • Que se puede decir de China Crisis.......
  • Easily the most under-valued band of the 80s.
  • Such a wonderful band and music!
  • China Crisis will be playing tonight and tomorrow night (January 21-22) here in Manila, Philippines. I'm so excited to see them again. :)
  • Tragedy and Mystery.
  • Truly enjoy " Flaunt The Imperfection" CD
  • I love their music
  • Saw them play in Douglas last night. Great gig, crappy venue (mock Cuban disco with the band on the dancefloor below the audience - great). Haven't seen them since 1982. Eddie hasn't changed, but Gary - bloody hell. He's become a nightmare cross between Stephen Fry and Paul O'Grady. Dead entertaining, though, especially when he called Boy George a cunt. Cheers lads.
  • Just can't stop shouting for this band.. They were so awesome; unfortunately not enough people paid as much attention to them as I did..
  • I ♥ CC [2]
  • especially love these guys for not being posers and so 'I could lose myself in this honesty'
  • im seeing these guys this weekend at Rewind festival WHOOP!
  • I bet The Home Guard could though.
  • Hmmmm........interesting tune. I don't believe I could adapt it to a symphony orchestra though.
  • just a great song
  • 1.5 years later, 200K plays .. 'smore like it :)
  • It's great to here this band again and see all the photoos when we were all much younger and photogenic.
  • African and white I found on a ronco compilation on vinyl featuring lots of classic tracks,this introduced me to several bands from 1980s
  • I still own the 12" of Christian,an eerie but fantastic song that don't seem to age.
  • love this
  • working thru all the tracks now
  • love this one
  • My friend and I used to listen to the extended remix of Working With Fire and Steel in her basement when we were teens...I remember it was a cool blue vinyl.....
  • brings back memories
  • best 80´s new romantic track ever
  • really simple lines, beautifully played and arranged
  • underrated for sure.. consider that they came up at the same time as Yaz, Depeche Mode, New Order and Tears For Fear and are just as inventive, just different style. I still think their music is really cool...
  • Very underated band of the 80's with an excellent back catologue which stands the test of time
  • Black Man Ray is a brilliant number. Love it.
  • love tragedy and mystery
  • czy Paul Humprey to ten sam Paul Humprey - z OMD ?
  • China Crisis is a band that never really got the full recognition that they deserved. Their music was mellow, radical and thought-provoking in a era that was smothered by the era of popular consumption and feel-good music, that tried to deceIve people in their own time. They follow the likes of The The, Deacon Blue & The Christians as innovators and commentators, but robbed of the accolades that was truly theirs.
  • a song you get lost in well i do anyway
  • Tophit pure Genuss
  • LastFM stats for China Crisis must surely be wrong
  • Ke figo questo brano : Working with fire and steel! Inoltre, è miracoloso che il gruppo funziona ancora oggi!
  • the son of the vocalist is a complete and utter dopey twat
  • Only 50K plays? Boy that's a shame!
  • Their peak for me was What Price Paradise - an excellent album. I have no idea what happened to make them produce Warped by Success - so poor!
  • Incredible group. It's unfortunate they're so often overlooked. Their music makes me melt ..


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