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  • Sooo mediocre. They turned into Foo Fighters: 3 decent songs and 8 crappy ones on every album
  • Their worst. [2]
  • My rating 10 out of 10
  • Much better than Sci-fi Crimes. Got me interested in their music again.
  • Their worst.
  • Late in the day finding these guys, but hell, this is a seriously fine album.
  • Didn't like it at first listen but it kinda grew on me after a few more times, so I entirely agree with CrazyMaisy.
  • Just listen to the album a few times, with an open mind. It's a great album, and mix it with your other favorite Chevelle, it works. I love to listen to it as an album.
  • I agree. I only skip one track on this entire disc. A feat I can't accomplish on their last two.
  • Way different than I was expecting. Better than Sci-Fi Crimes for sure.
  • Same Old Trip and Envy are fantastic
  • Pretty surprised about this album. I really like it. The song are a bit slower than usual, which is very cool. The Meddler is, in my opinion, best song from the album.
  • Hats off to the Bull and Face to the Floor!! Oh my God!!!
  • They went outside the box, and delivered! Rock is slowly dying off. They are one of the last good relatively young rock bands from their generation still making original material. New bands from the last 4 or 5 years are amateurs in comparison.
  • What an amazing album!
  • Great album. Vocals better than ever.
  • Oh,sorry! I forgot about CLONES!!!!!!!!!
  • I cant find any beautiful track except "prima donna" and "pinata". maybe I didnt listen it enough
  • HOTTB=more rhyming than before,virtually no screams ,shorter songs with a lot of layering also (even) better vocals than before & (some) different song structures.Recomended songs:Same Old Trip,The Meddler,Pinata,Envy & Revenge.
  • великолепный альбом, начал знакомство с группой именно с него, надеюсь остальные альбомы будут еще лучше!:)
  • I'm really finding this album to be quite disappointing. The only memorable songs on it for me are Envy, Piñata, and Arise. Though those three are so great that it almost makes the album worth listening (though Prima Donna leaves a bad taste in my ears).
  • Chevelle always brings the best.. ! [2]
  • Album of the yr so far .. Chevelle always brings the best.. !
  • So, THAT came out of the acoustic album plans, a guest female on a special track, etc... I expected a huge progression and got the opposite. It's good old Chevelle (maybe even older than on Sci-Fi Crimes, lol). It is a solid album, some tracks are really good and I'm diggin' it. I just hope they'll realize their former plans somehow. No hate, I just loove when bands find it difficult to stagnate!
  • pretty solid album, it has grown on me alot.
  • Amazing album!
  • Great album. I can listen to the first track over and over. Pinata, too.
  • One of the best albums of 2011 for me. I love it..
  • Great album. The Meddler, Prima Donna, and Face to the Floor are the ones that stick out the most for me.
  • Way better than SFC. its up there with vena sera, which is my favorite
  • very good album. I really love the meddler and prima donna
  • All I love in Chevelle are in this album. Melodic, melancholic and break-down. Great album. Best in my 2011 music
  • Very good record, not their best, but still decent. A notch better than Sci-fi crimes IMHO.
  • Reminds me a bit of Vena Sera. Definitely one of their rawest albums. I do prefer Sci-Fi Crimes a lot more though.
  • correction 2 years. Wow time flies
  • I'm really liking the new album it caught me by surprise as well. Didn't expect a new one just a year after the last one. Made me very happy ^^
  • Ожидал от них большего(( но в целом не плохой такой альбомчег))
  • YES it's out and so good as usual.

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