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  • If you liked Kendra Smith's Gospel music, you can check more about her at:
  • This music gives a much needed hope and relaxation. Recently listened and adored one aspiring Christian talent, Kendra Smith. One of her singles is uploaded here: Kendra believes in ministering through song so people will be delivered and encouraged to seek God.
  • Lost Due To Incompetence вещь!
  • European Citizens! Hear me hear me! This is one important matter! Right now there is a petition to legalize cannabis and it's going really well. In 10 months we must collect 1 million names and we are now at 30k in 5 days. Please sign it, spread it and talk about it! It's not an American Revolution, it's a Global Revolution!
  • Anyone out there have a complete copy fo Cheech & Chong on the Us Radio show--"Rockline"--10/7/85. Must be complete as possible. Tape or CD E-mail me at Thanks
  • Queimando tudo como Cheech & Chong!
  • Shit, European tour cancelled :(
  • My dog ate my stash
  • wena peli unos gallotessssssss
  • обожаю фильм с ними, чуваки~
  • mexican-americans love education so they go to night school and take spanish and get a B...
  • "Beaners...Gonna eat beans....Beaners...Will kick you in the face..!"
  • "Yeah that's him MAN"
  • Stoners RULE !!!!!!!!!!!!
  • i dont know what the guy below me said. but this shit is epic [2]
  • i dont know what the guy below me said. but this shit is epic
  • Эй мамаша, спасай китов! Эй соска, спасай китов! Веселых жирных китов.. Китов спасай, Но не забывай.... Уоооооо! Стреляй тюленей! ЕЕЕ! Мочи их всех.. Они жрут рыбу сука... Оооооо! Мочи тюленей! Это незабываемое чувство... Но если ты думаешь, что меня прет стрелять в тюленей... Подумай дважды. Оооо... Подумай дважды!
  • Don't answer the phone!
  • Up in Smoke!
  • Uncle Pervy loves his Cheese Pizza
  • Save the whales! Shoot the seals!
  • It's me Dave ... open the door, I've got the stuff ... haha
  • Mega MEGA, let's make a dope deal
  • Nice Dream!
  • Они ещёи концерты дают? Вот это новости :D
  • coolest duo ever<3
  • Hey man, I don't need no marijuana, and like, I don't need no acid, man, cause I'm hooked on downers
  • classic
  • Aww love these guys.
  • yesca!
  • dave's not here, man.
  • ELW one love cheech and chong is the best
  • Стреляй тюленей!!!!
  • баскетбольный тренер меня выгнал из кружка!!! я пришёл на тренеровку в туфлях на каблуках!!!!
  • спасай китов!!!! =)
  • Up In Smoke
  • just saw them...fucking hilarious
  • вааахах)) реально круто)
  • Kto nie ogladal - ten dupa :)
  • дааа, чуваки... эхыхых :D это правильно, я считаю, что эта тема рулит..... спасай китов! =)
  • i noticed there is no group for them, so i made one :
  • Are they doing a new movie.
  • Cheech & Chong return back to Australia after 37 years for their Light Up Australia tour. A great show, including some of their classic sketches, sing-a-longs, wicked blues guitar from Blind Mellon Chitlin, the pre-spinal tap Alice Bowie performing "Earache My Eye" and the Springsteen parody of "Born In East LA." Photos are available here: and photos of Shelby Chong (Tommy Chong's hottie wife) available here: Also hosted on the popular aussie music website, Ciao 4 Now! Your pal, Carbie carbiewarbie concert photography
  • hey bandecos!!!
  • i aint never smoked dog shit before man!!!!!!!!!!
  • join the new group tommy chong is my idol
  • Well... Dave's not here x_X


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