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Charles Mingus

The Clown (12:24)

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[Jean Shepherd]
Man, there was this clown, and he was a real happy guy, a real happy guy, he had all these greens and all these yellows and all these oranges bubbling around inside of him. And he had just one thing he wanted in this world, he just wanted to make people laugh, that's all he wanted out of this world, he was a real happy guy

Let me tell you about this clown, he used to a raise a sweat every night out on the stage and just wouldn't stop, that's how hard he worked. He was trying to make people laugh. He used to have this cute little gimmick where he had a seal follow him up and down a step-ladder, blowing Columbia Gem of the Ocean out on a B-flat scale Sears-Roebuck a model 1322 A plastic bugle, a real cute act, but they didn't laugh, well you know, a few little things here and there, but not really, and he was booking out in all these tank towns, playing the rotary clubs, the Kiwanis clubs and the American legion hall; and he just wasn't making it, but he had all these wonderful things going on inside of him, all these greens and yellows and all these oranges, he was a real happy guy, and all he wanted to do was to make these people laugh, that's all he wanted out of this world, to make people laugh, and then something began to grow, something that just wasn't good began growing inside of his head

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  • fuck
  • I think Zappa could have done a remake of this piece!
  • depressing.
  • it's all he wanted out of this world, to make people laugh
  • im not sure whether to laugh or cry.
  • [url=]Bigger than Dubuque[/url]
  • what's the buke
  • eat a dick please

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