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  • I've only listened to the song once and already have "27 9 9 2 3" stuck in my head.
  • I'm really happy they released Ch-Ching as a single, they have played it live years ago and I wondered what happened with that song!!!!!!! Excited for the album!!!!!!!!!
  • Ch-Ching is amazing! I can't wait to hear to whole album! <3
  • Her voice is heaven on Take It Out on Me
  • <3
  • Is a new album coming anytime soon? Love these guys!
  • I cant wait for album 3 <3
  • cries because I'll probably never see them live
  • Какая красивая девушка)
  • my favorite song by them is their Triple J cover of "Party" by Queen B ft. Kool A.D. #IAmLennyKravitz
  • ....there's just something about her voice. >_>
  • Possibly my favorite active band, though if you were to ask me to explain why, I'd be at a loss.
  • Wrong Opinion needs more love [6]
  • Take it Out on Me ♥ +1
  • Take it Out on Me ♥
  • ty blood orange
  • I had my mind mildly blown by this band. What is life..? i don't even.
  • Wrong Opinion needs more love [5] Chairlift needs more love. They are unbelievably good.
  • v no, i don't remember what interview it was but she said that there was a new chairlift record on the way and that it was "their most organic"
  • with caroline's new project, is chairlift over?
  • Love, Love, Love Met Before!!!!
  • A song that needs more love is Guilty as Charged
  • Wrong Opinion is the only song i can't stand on Something. More HATE please :D
  • Caroline is now using the alter-ego Ramona Lisa for her solo LP named Arcadia. And she calls the result “pastoral electronic music.”
  • wait no, its in April
  • caroline is releasing a solo album next month. had no idea that was happening
  • Wrong Opinion needs more love [4]
  • боже, какой хороший сонграйтинг, как же стыдно, что они так и остались авторами одного хита за пределами узкого круга посвященных.
  • Wrong Opinion needs more love [3]
  • wow, never heard them before but then beyonce
  • It's hard to sound original these days, but these guys pull it off.
  • Wrong Opinion needs more love [2]
  • Wrong Opinion needs more love
  • 'I Belong in Your Arm(pits)' [3]
  • Met before is great in all aspects; production, lyrics and vocals!
  • See you in Tulum.
  • omg I'm glad I've found this<3
  • Caroline Polachek is the living female definition of beauty!
  • Amanaemonesia <3
  • 'I Belong in Your Arm(pits)' [2]
  • Caroline Polachek a.k.a the most beautiful living being
  • <3
  • 'I Belong in Your Arm(pits)'
  • She reminds me of Eva Green from "The Dreamers" and that is definitely a compliment.
  • Caroline Polachek is insanely talented and gorgeous!
  • Definitely diggin Chairlift. Something is awesome all around. Love Amanaemonesia.
  • Chairlift deserves an award for most improved in 2012, if such a thing existed [6] agreed.
  • amaaazing guys!
  • If you like Chairlift, check out the band "Ivy"! And hey, everyone knows that "something" is a good album but let's give some more deserving love to "does it inspire you"! :-)


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