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Switchback (5:22)


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  • dat so nise
  • zaloopa
  • Amazing! Arrrrgh! It's to late to switchback!
  • Dotacinema.
  • Chained to what I can't reclaim I will never be the same
  • Wait! How can this be too late? Cause I don't want to play with such a price to paaaayyy \\o/
  • used to listen to this song on my way to work <3
  • The original is SOOOOOOOOOOOO much better than this. He used to really kick ass.....
  • ♥♥♥
  • Kicks so much ass!
  • Eternal.
  • Wow nothing like the original at'all.. Still good but
  • <3
  • If someone knows the remix name, please send a correction.
  • Why must Last.FM muddle remixes with the originals?
  • <3
  • edikstepanov dniwe
  • better than original
  • <3
  • love switchback [2001] much moar
  • He says "switchback" 49 times in the original track. :P
  • The original is still the best ♥
  • awesome song und noch bessere Künstler
  • HOw is this industrial at all?
  • dislike this version a bit s:
  • Нищтяк))
  • i like this remix, anyone know who remixed it?
  • I never get tired of this track, I could listen to it all day. I learned the drums and I play it a lot when I'm just messing around on my kit.
  • Not the original, unfortunately
  • крутой трек
  • This isn't the album version of the song, it's a remix. Not as good, but not bad either.
  • Cool!
  • celldweller has a lot much better songs
  • i do not like this version at all...
  • <3
  • Buen cocktail: metal, techno, drum&bass y melodía.
  • Гребаные ремиксы FUUUU!!
  • Trance?
  • nntiss... nntiss... nntiss... Oh...! My neck... ouch. Still jammin'!
  • Сколько слушаю очень удачно и стильно )
  • this is pretty cool I likey
  • One man army.
  • LOVE this song!!!! And I love Celldweller. :)
  • Absolutely love this song!
  • Love Klayton. I miss the hell out of Circle of Dust, but this is a phenomenal substitute.
  • Adoro muhahah
  • The one that's playing currently is from Celldweller - but i think the version changes depending on where the song is uploaded from.
  • Muy Bueno


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