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  • He is my God.
  • yeah , own little world is fav! :) Especially in Growling Machines rmx ;))
  • Actually Switchback and Frozen are quite overrated. On the same album there are many songs much more complex and original. But that of course is my opinion alone.
  • I love that switchback song - havent heard any others yet
  • Switchback my goodnes its a crazy song !!
  • ym
    Own Little World
  • Stars of Orion for the win! The demo of it is much better than the one on the Celldweller album
  • Last Firstborn for the win !
  • Looking at similar artist list one may think it's a nu-metal band/artist. I'd prefer [artist]Feindflug[/artist] over Static-X, but I don't mind some Dope... :)
  • Own little world (remorse remix) OST from Hills have eyes 2 it's maybe the best Industrial Rock/metal song i ever heard
  • I love Celldweller. Because of an Naruto AMV I discovered Frozen. Now, I love all the songs o,o
  • Stay with me, please don't go... Gawd, I love that song.
  • Not their. Celdweller is one man... band plays only on concerts, in studio Klayton is playing alone =]
  • The Last Firstborn is their best song imo, just love it.
  • I'm surprised...The Last Firstborn is the most genius song I've perhaps ever heard, yet it's number 5. COMEON PEOPLE!!!
  • <3
  • Klayton = Skilled
  • CellDweller powaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa !!! Comment sa tue tout ce qu'ils font !!!
  • He's crazy, 2009?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!?!
  • 2009!!!? damn it! thats like hell too
  • klayton cant make up his mind for when its gonna be out... but his blog from last year said it will DEFINITELY be out in the next 94 years...
  • Oh god I need a new album!!!!*looks around*
  • new album?! when where?! *gaspage*
  • <3
  • Heard mid last year that it was going to be released towards the end of 06 - early 07. Guess that assumption was horribly wrong..
  • Well his myspace says it's gonna be released in '07, and the website is under construction, so it's gotta be soon. My guess is he'll give an actual release date after the remix competition ends.
  • Any word on the new album ?
  • Wypas i defazowy tytol na jajca:D
  • Kleyton = Colecionador de ônibus em miniaturas!
  • Heard Frozen in a Rock Lee AMV. Damn, it's good. Will defintly get more songs!
  • check out the feat with styles of beyond
  • Can't believe I had to wait for Crackdown to hear this legend.
  • Switchback ; One Good Reason ; Frozen ; The Last Firstborn and many many other songs FTW ! xD Celldweller we all waiting 4 more tracks !
  • The Last Firstborn is indeed absolutely INCREDIBLE.
  • Great band! My favourite song is The Last Firstborn. A freakin' masterpiece. The way different music styles blend together is just incredible.
  • Celldweller FTW
  • Awesome, nice electronics
  • we just went wild on Switchback!
  • Awesome band! Klayton is simply the best
  • The track in the Doom trailer was specifically made for that trailer and has not and most likely will not be released to my knowledge.
  • Thankee. *salute*
  • HXn
    @Jeme There's nothing quite like Celldweller out there, but you might enjoy these: Circle of Dust/Angeldust/Argyle Park, The Birthday Massacre, Gary Numan (from 'Exile' onward), Zeromancer, The Young Gods, KMFDM, the newest Skinny Puppy...
  • Love Celldweller *wink*
  • great producer and songwriter, he should tour the world =D
  • @Kaisza:nice self-description. *smirk*
  • Kaisza ur mother is gay f'n death metal punk !


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