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Es existieren mindestens 3 Künstler mit diesem Namen:

(1) Ein kanadischer Drum'n'Bass Produzent (2) Eine Indie/Electro Band aus Dänemark. (3) Eine Experimental-Rock Band aus London

(1) (2)

(2) Cartridge ([engl. für Kassette) ist vierköpfige Indie-Band aus Dänemark.


Mathias Wullum Nielsen - Gesang, Gitarre, Synthesizer Alex Phumoon Thomsen - Gitarre Thomas Vesterbæk - Bass, Synthesizer Niels Fibæk Bertel - Schlagzeug, Perkussion


EPs - Nowhere Fast (2005)

Alben - Enfant Terrible (2006) - Fractures (2008)



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  • So is this the proper title for the Synthwave / Outrun Electro / NewRetrowave (80s synth revival) music? On, the name is Catridge1987... but in older tracks, certainly the name is just Cartridge. So what I am wondering is if he added the 1987 just to distinguish his name on Soundcloud (bandcamp, or whatever other sites), or he did it distinguish himself period (as in a change of names). Currently my 2012 LP of 'Last Escape' is tagged simply as Cartridge in the artist field, and I have no clue whether or not that should be changed. Or, if the band has changed names officially, if it's like the whole Klink vs. The Klinik thing... where different albums have different band names, but they correspond to different lineups and different periods of the groups output (meaning both tags are correct, for their respective albums).
  • @tumbldry : Your comment tells more about your own sexual intolerance and hater attitude than it tells about the REAL Cartridge's music. But I have to admit, that DNB Cartridge's music seems pretty ACE as well.
  • I listen to drum and bass. Not this indie fag shit.
  • CARTRIDGE <3333 the woods <333333
  • full of love :D
  • The Danish Cartridge are awesome :)
  • They are on the same label: Glorious Records. Bonus info: the drummer and bass player of moi Caprice produced Cartridge's new album FRACTURES out jan' 2008.
  • Thanks, Scott, but I meant the indie band, not the DnB artist. DSL is enough to keep me going on the DnB front, I think. What a badass.

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