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Carly Simon

That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be (4:18)


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  • ????? sorta kinda close to Carly .... but NOT. Sad, I like this song
  • not Carly!!!
  • thanks carly!
  • Beautiful lyrics, beautifully sung by a beautiful woman! Thanks Carly! This is one of my favs! [2]
  • The couples cling and claw and drown in love's debris.
  • Close the wound, hide the scar.
  • insightful look at marriage..
  • these lyrics are incredible.
  • Great songwriter!!!And to boot a very good singer!!!What more could you ask for!!!!
  • One of the best songs of the 20th Century!
  • Beautiful lyrics, beautifully sung by a beautiful woman! Thanks Carly! This is one of my favs!
  • takes me back to a wonderful time and place.
  • love the ambivalence in the lyrics...strong performance.
  • This is to my mom. R,I,P. I love you and miss you so much,
  • I first heard this track when my hair was still black - even though it is now silver,this track still makes me stop and listen. Great words
  • Sweet Tune..<3
  • Fuck, those drums.
  • very visual song... I see her tip toe past the bedroom door.
  • .
  • just listening to some old school stuff, still sounds great.
  • So Beautiful ~~"That's The Way I've Always Heard It Should Be" ~~ Thanks Carly !!
  • Superb.
  • Hey Steppenwolf53, Tapestry was Carole King.
  • great song..
  • Great song, loved the Tapestry album back when I was in college.
  • what a SONG! love Carly
  • I'm not sure what the lyrics mean, but man can she sing.
  • Beautiful, bittersweet gorgeous.
  • I actually like this version. Its darker, more full, and launting. Once a great song, always a great song. She could write and sing. Her and Carole King ruled the mid-seveties.
  • I agree the original version was better
  • i dont like this version. The original Carly Simon version was better. I wonder if this is some acoustic version?
  • Strange, I like this version, maybe because it fells darker.
  • AWESOME lyrics to this song. Their children hate them for the things they're not; They hate themselves for what they are

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