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Carcass (engl.: Kadaver) ist eine englische Grindcore/Death-Metal-Band aus Liverpool.


Die Band wird 1985 von Bill Steer und Ken Owen gegründet. Die Bandmitglieder stammen, wie fast alle damaligen Grindcore-Bands, aus der Punk-Szene. Das 1985 aufgenommene Demo hatte Sessioncharakter. Ernst wird es erst 1987, nachdem Gitarrist Bill Steer, zu dieser Zeit bei der Grindcore-Legende Napalm Death aktiv, nach…

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  • Rompeprop is indeed classic pornogrind. They put on amazing shows at Obscene Extreme Fest. I've never been to one of their performances in person at that fest, but I've watched videos of those performances via YouTube.
  • @Manic-Insanity: What are you saying? Rompeprop is a classical pornogrind.
  • Swansong is amazing, love it to death.
  • I enjoy most Carcass and I feel Swansong is their worst record (many would probably agree with me on this, kewl)... I even like the goregrind stuff. I LOL @ the ones who only into the first couple of albums. I like them, but I'm not obsessed with the first 2 records like some listeners are. I just LOL @ the ones who are exclusively into those. C'mon, give their later recordings more of a chance.
  • Carcass interview at Download festival
  • The first couple of albums are killer! I don't consider them the best like the Carcass listeners who will exclusively listen to them. The Peel Sessions record has the best recording of the Reek of Putrefaction song, IMO. Necroticism: Descanting the Insalubrious has some amazing stuff and I should give it some more listens. Tools of the Trade is really damn good EP and that would have been a good album if there were more songs on it or if the songs were longer. Heartwork is a perfect record, I love that one a lot. Swansong is a dud and I like one or two songs off that album. Surgical Steel is excellent, but can't match the perfection of Heartwork. The followup EP is excellent as well.
  • Carcass are the gods of goregrind
  • @legnadibrom: Eat shit and die.
  • Carcass are metal superstars.

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