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  • That's a pretty kickass intro
  • @skwidthefawks It's because I know at least Seregor is a CoF fan and they might get some influences from them.
  • "Hör mir zu, dein Fleisch ist in meiner Welt verboten. Du sollst tanzen im Schattenreich, dem Land der Toten" ♥
  • The fuck? Never noticed the drums in the beginning before... That was neat.
  • :D
  • favourite song from carach angren.. i love the german part in this song, I'm from germany :)
  • why the fuck is there a cradle of filth mention in the comments on a carach angren song?
  • I understand every word, cuz it's german :D
  • wrong track name. it's Hexed Melting Flesh
  • Sounds fucking great.
  • Goddamn great.
  • its german :D
  • The way he narrates is Dani Filth's rip off. However Dani can do it better :)
  • sounds like abysoss
  • duh - - duh - - duh duh - - duh duh duh - - duh - - duh
  • amazing more than great
  • Scared the shit out.
  • Sounds like CoF. Except better.
  • Yet another excellent song by them.
  • Whorish desire sentenced with the punishment of fire..... Repulsive temptress in white, prepare to die. And kiss thy pale, warm skin goodbye.
  • Amazing song off such an amazing album.
  • lolwut

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