• Top 100 of 2008

    31. Dez. 2008, 15:01 von radioheadzealot

    Again, I only listened to music for about 7 months this year (what a travesty!), so the spectrum is slightly less broad this year. These are my favorite songs that I was introduced to in 2008:

    1. MGMT - Kids

    This was the anthem to one of the best summers of my life. The song was seemigly ubiquitous, whether blaring in Hallie's Neon on the way out, surprising Tim and I at eighties night at the Drink, or just coming out of Levi's guitar at open mic night at Sazerac. Good memories...

    2. MIA - Paper Planes

    I remember first hearing this song on an on-demand video. I immediately downloaded a pirated version online, played it 8 or 9 times that day, and fell in love. This song has most definitely inspired some of the most intense dancing I did all year. I actually lost an MIA dance competition at a party to some guy who looked like Farnsworth Bentley.

    3. Clear Days Always - Pacifier

    A standout track on a sampler MP3 album I downloaded, hearing this prompted me to purchase the whole album at Vertigo. …