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  • easily best song on tago mago
  • When the dog starts barking, that's when you know you've finally fucking lost it.
  • 45 years, i was 16 ....
  • dogs
  • I will sing this as a lullaby to my children. [5]
  • Sounds like ritual industrial. Only much earlier than a time when it even existed.
  • i like this, but if someone asked me what was good about it I'd struggle coming up with anything other than "hear how self-indulgent it is? isn't that cool?"
  • some kind of priest on acid
  • I will sing this as a lullaby to my children. [4]
  • Phasenverschiebung
  • omg. n.
  • BOOM
  • Ha, I've only heard the edited version on Cannibalism I before; I didn't realise it went on this long....
  • "Aumgn" is Aleister Crowley's extended version of the traditional meditatory chant "Aum" (sometimes spelled "Om").
  • Great track, but wtf is an "aumgn"?
  • Like a journey down the Styx and up Hades arsehole
  • Bon pour les neurones !
  • I like it when it goes BWAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAUGHGHGHGhmgn a lot
  • v Haha, his comment is clearly a joke
  • Do you think this kind of music was played on the radio? Don't think so
  • wow music back then was sooooo much better than the shit on the radio nowadays. now its all justin bieber. i was born in the wrong generation xD
  • "Swag" ugh.
  • A journey into darkness
  • I will sing this as a lullaby to my children. [3]
  • I will sing this as a lullaby to my children. [2]
  • swag
  • The fuck am I listening to?
  • and the winner of worst shoutbox on lastfm goes to
  • the dogs barking is my favorite part
  • OMG
  • can't say I was expecting this
  • dinnae hink so.
  • bttls by battles is like a modern version of this
  • Such an astonishing experience.
  • quite a trippy trip
  • I will sing this as a lullaby to my children. sweet dreams
  • i used to not like this because i thought it was all dumb and self indulgent but it's grown on me quite a bit. really love the drumming at the end it's cool.
  • this song scares me
  • Pirates of the Caribbean
  • There are dogs barking, tribal drums, a man on fire and also I'm scared
  • bad trip, bad trip
  • There's not a day goes by that I've not wondered what the sound of Satan getting a prostate examination to the backing of tribal rhythms would be like.
  • It took me 20 listens or so but I actually love this.
  • the best track ever? top 10 anyways
  • ahhh
  • woof
  • *song ends* *exhales*


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